Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How to Zap Kitchen Odours with Some Smart, Easy Steps!

The dishes are washed and cleaned, the counter tops are wiped well and the table settings are kept in order. Your kitchen may look perfect for a magazine photographer to enter in and take a photograph. But what would she express if she step in and take a long breath? If you have the odours of last night’s dinner lingering in the air then you are not alone. You have to find the culprit from which you get the odour.

Eliminate cooking fumes: You can try this method to remove the scent of yesterday’s cooked fish. Mix 3 tablespoon of white vinegar with 1 cup of water in a saucepan and keep it to boil for few minutes. Vinegar is acidic in nature and the odour making particles are alkaline, so the fumes of the boiling Vinegar will neutralize the matter.

Empty the trash: If the garbage is not regularly attended and removed that stench may take over the kitchen. On getting the whiff, it is better to empty the can and with a wet paper towel wipe away the debris that gets stuck inside the can. Spray disinfectant spray like Lysol both inside and out and allow it to dry. By doing this once in a week, you can escape from deep cleaning.

Keep the appliances fresh: You may have quit the hand rinsing before loading the items into the dishwasher. You would have saved water, but on the downside food bits may get collected in the machine leaving funky smells. Whisk out any particles from the filter using a paper towel. Then rinse the empty dishwasher with rinse only cycle to wash away any debris collected inside. Then leave the door little opened to let the air out.

In the case of freezer or fridge, remove the past-prime leftovers and other offending items, old ice cubes etc. which may hold the odours in the sink. Clean any spills with sudsy sponge then rinse it well. Take a thin layer (quarter inch) of fresh baking soda in small shallow dishes. Cover the dishes with plastic wrap and punch holes so that air can circulate. Keep these dishes in the fridge shelves at different places and they may keep the fridge fresh for more than three months.

But always resort to calling house cleaning specialists at certain intervals to do the perfect cleaning so you can continue to maintain it afterwards.
Keep the sink fresh:  The main culprit of stink in the sink is the residual food scraps that are collected in the garbage disposer or pipes. First clean the disposal blade. If there is rubber gasket, rinse it thoroughly as it works like a magnet to collect the debris. Add a half cup baking soda in the sink with warm running water to get rid of the lingering odour.

Eliminate the stink before it starts: Sprinkle some salt on the fresh oven spills- It will be easy to wipe and reduce the lingering odour. The stinky spots can be freshened using Dish Washer Magic or Disposer Care. You can also mix one part of vinegar with one part of ice cubes and send them through the disposal. You can tuck a woody scent sachet in the trash can. This plant extract can keep the freshness for weeks.

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