Thursday, 26 February 2015

Take the Load off Your Shoulders with Select Home Cleaning Services in Auckland

Life can be very demanding and at times gruelling in Auckland. The rat-race to survive is intense and you are always busy with meeting schedules and deadlines. When you finally get the much needed break to relax at home, you often find it in a disorganised mess. You are too exhausted to get up and begin cleaning. This results in the invasion of germs and the accumulation of dirt. Before you know it, there are stubborn stains and dirt you really cannot ignore and later find it hard to remove. It is here that you need the services of professional house cleaners who have the right equipment and attitude to make your home a germ-free one.

Why Select Home Cleaning?

As mentioned above, you may not have the desire or the knack to pick up the broomstick and begin cleaning your home. Professional home cleaners are the people to call. They will understand the needs of your home and work fast to clear up the mess. However, it is true that you need to pay extra for their services. If you clean the home alone, you can save money. But, will that cleaning be the same as professional home cleaning? Opting for expert home cleaning service does not mean you have to dish out a fortune. In Auckland, there are affordable home cleaners like Select Home Cleaning who actually care for your home and give you reasonable quotes for cleaning. The professionals value your time and this is why they ensure you get dependable services at each call. Their cleaning personnel are police checked and this means you will not have strangers invading the sanctity of your home.

Maintain the Highest Standards of Home Cleaning Hygiene for Your Home

Yes, Select Home Cleaning professionals ensure the highest standards of hygiene are maintained each time they visit your home. They are very particular about the cleaning methods used to make your home spotless. They will meet your expectations and ensure you are happy with the job before they leave. Moreover, they are friendly professionals trusted in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and the surrounding regions. If you have pets and small children at home, they will use cleaning materials that are safe and non-toxic in nature. In short, these house cleaning professionals are trustworthy to be hired over and over again. This is why they are the number one choice for most residents in Hamilton, Wellington, Tauranga and Christchurch. They will charge reasonable rates for every project taken and this helps you to get a clean home within an affordable budget.

Call Select Home Cleaning Professionals for a Quote Now...

If you are based in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Tauranga or Christchurch, you can choose Select Home Cleaning professionals to look after your needs.  These experts are trained in the modern home cleaning procedures. They use safe products and equipments to clean your home. The rates are affordable for everyone and the professionals are dedicated to cleaning your home with care. If you are looking for a clean and germ free home, feel free to contact these friendly house cleaning professionals today!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Home Cleaning Procedures to Be Observed while You Have Pets at Home

All pet owners love their pets. However when it comes to cleaning homes, pets bring with them an extra burden. Our adorable flurry family members love to stain the place with muddy paws, fur, urine, stool and odours. The cleaning-up process takes a lot of time and patience. If you do it incorrectly, your pet will also create a fuss as it keeps going back to the odour even if you do not smell it.  In today’s world of hectic schedules and time constraints, it can be hard for you to properly clean the home. Pets will run around and repeatedly dirty the place again. It is here that you immediately need the professional services of affordable home cleaners with experience of properly cleaning homes with pets. These home cleaners are aware of the accurate cleaning procedures to make your home free from the dirt and dust of pets.

Lifting Pet Stains from Carpets- Cleaning Suggestions

Pet stains can be very stubborn. They have the ability to spoil your prized carpet.  In case, there are pet stains on your carpet, professional house cleaners will never rub the carpet but they would blot the area and dilute it with an active cleaning agent.  When these professional house cleaners are cleaning the beds of your pets, litter cages, boxes, tanks etc, they never use ammonia. Ammonia has a pungent smell and pets keep thinking the smell to be urine. They keep on coming back to the area. There are some trusted home cleaning products that have baking soda that neutralises the smell and keeps the place free from odour.  They are not only safe for your pet but for kids and elderly people as well.

Removing Pet Hair with Affordable House Cleaning Services

Spring is the season where your beloved pets will shed more hair as they get rid of their winter coat. You will discover large clumps of hair covering your furniture, clothes and carpet. For getting this hair out from your home, professional cleaners use rubber brushes called pet rakes. These brushes are specially designed to take out the hair from stubborn surfaces. For carpets, the cleaners use high quality vacuum cleaners with brush rolls or good beaters. Fast swipes with a roller and lint brush will also remove the pet hair from carpets and sofas. Professionals generally use vacuum cleaning machines that have HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters for making the area free from pet hair.

Choose Select Home Cleaning for Your Pets

Select Home Cleaning is a widely sought-after name in Australia and New Zealand. This affordable professional house cleaning company understands your additional requirements for home cleaning if you have pets. The teams of experts work with dedication to free your home from dirt and dust, and pet related harmful pests. Equipped with the latest cleaning materials and equipment, you can wipe out the slightest speck of dust particles from the sanctity of your home. Select Home Cleaning professionals serve the areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Tauranga. To ensure a pet hair and stain-free home, you should contact Select Cleaning service today! Call them on 0800 000 907 to book your home cleaning service or to get a free quote.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Affordable and Hygienic Home Cleaning Service in Your City

Home cleaning is not an easy affair. The premises you clean should be free from dirt and the contamination of germs. For you, life is busy and work constraints prevent you from devoting time in cleaning your precious home. Your home’s accumulated dirt and dust give rise to the birth of germs that infect your family with diseases. What you desperately need here are the services of a devoted home cleaner who will take the onus of removing every inch of dirt and dust from your house in a hygienic and safe manner.

The Importance of Hygienic Home Cleaning

It is important for you, as a house owner, to prevent the spreading of infections at home with the aid of good hygiene. Many people make the grave mistake of thinking that the chances of getting an infection at home are low.  They prolong house cleaning and believe the root of all illness and disease are brought from outside. This is wrong. Many modern medical and healthcare workers are of the opinion that home cleanliness is the most important thing you should keep in mind to prevent infections and diseases. Good hygiene means less patients and antibiotics. House cleaning is crucial and should be done regularly. Even if you do not have time to clean your home in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington or Christchurch, it is wise to call in daily or weekly home cleaners to do the work for you.

House Cleaning Services in New Zealand

If you live in New Zealand and are looking for professional home cleaning services, you will find that there are many service providers. However, just opting for the first service provider that comes your way is surely not a wise decision. Credentials, job license and safety are some basic protocols you should take into consideration when you are conducting research for home cleaning companies. The sanctity and security of your home is another factor you have to take into account when you are hiring strangers to clean the home for you. The cleaning service company must have good track records and reliable experts for you to trust. On top of this, the home cleaners you select should not cost you a fortune. Service and price comparison on the Internet will give you the names of affordable home cleaning companies in and around your home.

Choose Select Home Cleaning in New Zealand for Unique Cleaning Needs

Home cleaning is made easier if you bank on dedicated specialists like Select Home Cleaning. This affordable team of experienced home cleaners provides regular services to Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga and Auckland. The professionals are trained in the latest cleaning methods. They deploy state-of-the-art tools and equipment to quickly free the area from dirt, dust and grease. Their experts are verified and they come from credible backgrounds. With them, your lovely home and its premises are safe and free from dirt.  The Select Home Cleaning experts also guide and counsel you on how to maintain the cleanliness of your home. The products they use are non-toxic and safe for pets, children and elderly people. To contact them, please visit the Select Cleaning website. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Welcome This Autumn with a Dust and Dirt-free Home

Thoroughly cleaning the home at the end of the summer season, particularly in places experiencing dust storms, can be termed as summer cleaning. With the advent of autumn season, even the people most indifferent to home cleaning feel a sudden urge to move furniture, clean windows, remove all unnecessary items and give their home entirely a novel look in order to welcome the colourful brightness of autumn. 

The start of autumn seems to be the busiest time for the home cleaning professionals as it is the perfect period to give a little overdue attention to the dust pile in the corner, the dirt which accumulates throughout the summer season and those hidden closet disasters. Professionals at the Select Home Cleaning are ready to help you!

How Is Autumn Cleaning Useful?

As the temperature cools down and we head towards autumn, the one thing we all dread is home cleaning. However, health experts recommend removing old make-up, replacing pillows, cleaning the windows and giving the refrigerator a thorough cleanup. These certainly benefit our health in various ways.
  • Remove allergens and bacteria- throughout the summer season our house gives shelter to dust, dirt, bacteria and mould which cause harmful allergies, especially to children and elderly residents. A thorough cleaning of the house helps remove these bacteria and other allergens.
  • Psychological benefit- moving around in a clean house reduces stress and helps get rid of psychological disorganization. A dirt and dust free house enables you to lead a comfortable life.
  • Improves physical fitness- health experts often recommend cleaning our homes ourselves as it is a kind of physical exercise. It stretches your muscles, burn down calories and increases efficiency.

Do I Need A Professional Autumn Clean-Up?

However doing the entire autumn cleaning job ourselves might not be a great idea. Though the regular chores can be handled by us, there are certain processes of autumn cleaning that should be left to the experts for the best results. We face the issue of cluster flies in autumn when they start moving into homes and other buildings to survive the coming winter. If the main house structure and its surroundings are kept neat and clean, the flies won’t enter the area. Autumn cleaning is a heavy task and an important one too. Investing in a professional home cleaning company, hence, will be a wise decision.

The most important advantage of professional cleaning is that these professionals do their work most efficiently. They clean almost every nook and corner for the autumn cleaning with the best equipment and products available. Cleaning the house with the experts helps to convert it into a much better place than before. Home cleaning companies may also provide some extra cleaning works without additional charges.

Why Select Home Cleaning?

Select Home Cleaning is an expert in the field of home cleaning, providing the best service in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton. They have trained professionals who provide safe and environmental friendly cleanup to ensure the best result and ultimate customer satisfaction. Their credentials are verified, and they are an affordable home cleaning service provider. For any matter related to cleaning your house and its premises, consult the Select Home Cleaning team right now.