Monday, 18 August 2014

What is the Best Way to Keep Wooden Floors Clean?

Wooden floors look very beautiful when maintained properly and therefore, they are a popular choice for most of the people these days. Wooden floors need great cleaning care to keep them looking great for a long period of time. When it comes to wood, use of too much water for cleaning cannot be the right strategy as it can even ruin your beautiful floors. Moreover, excessive water patches can stain the wooden floor and can even result in expansion and deformation of the laid down wooden boards. The correct technique and appropriate usage of mop will increase the beauty and life of your wooden floors.

Following are the tips for cleaning wooden floors:

Use soft-bristled broom to sweep the floor: A soft-bristled broom removes large particles such as grit or sand that may scratch the floor if caught beneath a mop. Other way to sweep the wooden floor is to vacuum the floor. Hence, it is important to vacuum or sweep regularly to keep the floor free from scratching agents and dust.

Choose right cleaning agent: pH-neutral water based cleaner should be used for general cleaning. These cleaners are good for vinyl floors with an acrylic polish. Choose soaps, detergents, alkaline water-based cleaner or a bit of baking soda dissolved in water so as to dissolve the dirt and grease. Remember that alkaline solutions will make your wooden floor look dull over time. To dissolve mineral deposits or hard water, use an acidic water-based cleaner. Vinegar mixed with water is a good rinsing agent to be used for this purpose. Do not use abrasive cleaners, ammonia or bleach to clean wooden floor because these materials can damage the wood.

Dilute your cleaning agent: Dilute your chosen cleaning agent in a bucket containing water. You can also use distilled water to prevent hard-water stains. Dip the mop in the water and run it over the floor. Spot-clean tough areas with a cloth. Scrub the stains with wet cloth by applying greater directed pressure.

Rub the floor with dry cloth: Rubbing your wooden floor with a dry cloth will add a glistening shine to your floor and thereby enhance its grace.

Protect your floor by rolling out carpets: When guests are coming to your home, roll out a carpet runner over your wooden floor in the most travelled areas. These elegant rugs will protect your floor from the trauma of heavy shoes and high heels that could leave dents on it. This type of protection will not only pack the dust and dirt but will also keep your floor hygienic which is quite a need if you have toddlers at home. If you do not want to use runners, then install a door-mat near the entrance because it will catch most of the dirt that your guests may bring in.

Don’t skip the regular maintenance schedules of floors: Ask your flooring specialist if your wooden floor needs buffing or waxing. These procedures will keep your floors shiny and radiant. If you are looking for DIY opinion, make sure to always start buffing from one corner of the room working your way towards the exit in a circular motion. The same method applies to waxing. After completing the procedure, avoid walking on the floor for at least one hour.

Whatever you do is limited to your knowledge and know-how in the field of wooden floor cleaning. It is thus recommended to opt for floor cleaning services once in every month. This practice may seem a little costly but ultimately, you are going to save good bucks as such floors are likely to last longer which can thereby save your wood floor renovation expenses.