Thursday, 25 June 2015

Select Home Cleaning Tips- How to Handle Stubborn Pet Stains

Having a pet at home is indeed a joy, however at times your pet can leave ugly stains around the house hard to remove. It is here professional house cleaners like Select Home Cleaning experts in New Zealand step in to help. They remove not only the stains but the odour as well. There are however, fresh stains you can work on to prevent further darkening before you call experts. 

Here is what our Select Home Cleaning specialists suggest-
Remember old or dry pet stains set in deep and are hard to remove. At times, it can be impossible to get rid of the mark completely. This means it is smart to work on the stain when it is relatively fresh. Pet stains that remained on any surface for a considerable time period are very difficult to remove. There is the added discomfort of the odour that remains with the stain.

Remove pet stains before they set in
For removal of fresh pet stains, you will need a good quality absorbent rag or towel, bacteria or enzyme digester, vinegar, plastic wrap and water.

The first thing you need to do is blot up the liquid passed by your pet with the towel or the absorbent rag. Place it on the liquid and step on it. You should begin with gentle pressure and later put your foot down on it heavily. Change to fresh towels or rags till no liquids come up.

The next step is to place the bacteria/enzyme digester on the stain. This will deal with the mark and smell. The digester tends to work slowly and will take its time. Leave the solution on as long as the directions on the bottle or packet say. If the urine of your pet has penetrated deep down into the surface area, then you should use enough solution to reach deep down to the stain. Good to keep your doubts cleared when home cleaning professionals come for routine cleaning.

The bacteria or enzyme digester produces a lot of ammonia while breaking down the stain. This is done to make a super alkaline solution that interferes with the action of the digester. The spot may need to be neutralized with a cup of vinegar and warm water. It should be kept for 4 hours. Once this is over, rinse the area and apply a fresh coat of enzyme/bacteria solution.

In this manner, you can remove fresh pet stains from any area that is accident prone like sofas, beds, stone floors etc. However, if the process is too hard for you, you should call specialists like Select Home Cleaning to do the job for you.

About Select Home Cleaning
Select Home Cleaning is a professional house cleaning company in New Zealand providing services to Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch, Auckland and Sydney. This home cleaning company is well-known in these areas for its credible and top quality house cleaning services at affordable rates. Besides pet stains, Select Home Cleaning also cleans everything on residential and commercial premises. No task is hard for them. Their team has proper training in the latest technology and use sophisticated equipment to keep your premises spick and span. Call them today for efficient home cleaning- they are happy to serve you anytime!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Cleaning Brass Materials Properly and Maintaining Their Sheen Is Not an Easy Task

Select Home Cleaning is a trusted house cleaning Company in New Zealand. It enjoys the patronage of residential owners for its quality service and affordable prices. The cleaners here are police-checked and also they are highly skilled in their work. Today, Select Home Cleaning will give you some unique tips on how to clean brass and keep home decor items shiny and well-maintained. 

An insight into brass items and their cleaning 
Brass is a lovely metal and it is a wonderful form of expression to bring your home alive. It is an alloy made of copper and zinc. The amounts of each alloy have been adjusted depending on the intended use of the item. There are many homeowners who are collectors of brass items. Brass can be used for mirror frames, cookware, vases, fittings, candlesticks and more. Brass like silver and other common metals tarnishes fast. It is important for you to have professional home cleaners to remove the stains on brass fittings and keep them shining. They will determine whether your brass item is solid brass or brass plated. The procedures for cleaning these two types are different.

Difference between solid brass and brass plated items 
There is an interesting difference between solid brass and brass plated items-

Take a small magnet and place it on the brass piece. If the magnet falls, the piece is solid brass. If the magnet sticks, the item is brass plated and what you think as tarnish is rust!Yes, the tarnish you see is rust and only home cleaning professionals using top quality steel wool can remove the rust. After the rust has been removed, the item needs to be repainted.

Once home cleaners worked on the brass piece, it is important for you to protect it from tarnishing in the future. You can rub the brass with good quality mineral oil. This will bring out the shine and break nasty marks. The oil should be applied to a dry cloth and rub the item accordingly. Mineral oil will stop the oxidation process and the item will look brighter and needs less polishing.

Tips to maintain the cleanliness of brass materials 
After the initial cleaning of your brass item, you can make it stay clean and shining by using any of the following techniques: 

1. Once the brass item has been cleaned and shined, you may use car wax to maintain the sheen of the item and help curb the tarnish. This application of car wax ideally lasts for four to six months. The duration of the shine depends upon the weather in the area.

2. You can ask your home cleaner to have the brass piece lacquered professionally. This however, is not a permanent solution as when cleaning is needed, the old lacquer has to be removed first.

Remember, brass is a beautiful accent to your home. It is important for you to keep it clean and maintain its sheen. This task should be entrusted to professional home cleaners who know the correct cleaning procedures and keep your brass items good looking forever! For more information, talk to a cleaning professional right now: 0800 000 907.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Things to Remember Before Hiring a Home Cleaning Service

House cleaning may be a burdensome business for you. If you are an average house hold dealing with family, work and other routines, cleaning your home properly is a challenge and it is sure you sooner avoid it.

As there are many house cleaning service companies cropping up globally ready to do the cleaning work, it may be an overwhelming task for you to choose and hire an appropriate house cleaning service at an affordable cost. However, with good understanding and simple thumb rules you can pick up the best option.

What should you know about a home cleaning service? What are the things to be considered before hiring a cleaning service? Given below are the tips to be taken for consideration when appointing a home cleaning service in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch.

Interview about their potential cleaning service: When hiring a big company, ask whether they will depute the same person consistently on all the days, or do they depute them in rotation. There are pros and cons in both the ways.    

Check whether the Home Cleaning Company is insured and licensed: Will they do the replacement for the breakages done by them. Or will they take the responsibility in repairing it? If the service personnel get wounded or hurt who has to take care of it? Select Home Cleaning guarantees you the peace of mind, and safeguards your possessions with their police checked, highly reliable honest home cleaners servicing Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton,Wellington, Christchurch etc.

Define the scope: Fix the duration of the cleaning service, whether weekly, bi-monthly or one time cleaning. Mention the areas to be cleaned, such as top shelf, furniture, lampshades, refrigerator, under cushions, windows and doors casements, dog-snot, mode of kitchen floor washing,  mop or hands, dusting the base board etc.

Verify that the pricing is free of any hidden costs: Before hiring, get the confirmation that there are no other hidden costs involved in this service. Select Home Cleaning is a dependable and affordable home cleaning service that can do it with utmost care. 

Get details about the cleaning products: Get clarify whether they clean using swiffer on the furniture or use spray and wipe the dust. Some people do not like to spray anything on the furnishings. Vinegar may be excellent cleaner, but it may spoil the marble floor. Select Home Cleaning uses appropriate environment friendly cleaning products for perfect cleaning.

Discuss with them and get the details of the number of home cleaners coming to your home: Instead of having a single person to do it all the whole day, you can have more number of persons to complete it within a short duration. 

Decide your presence at home when they are cleaning: Most of the companies give their arrival time frame and you have to block that time to be at home. However, you can also consider giving the key to the service if you are not at home during their service time.

Do not be afraid to give the instructions to the hiring service. It may seem uncomfortable initially, but you have to guide them on the areas important to you.  Be firm and clear what you need to be done. Treat them with courteous, respect and this relationship will be of great benefit to you. Select Home Cleaning is the first choice for you to have affordable, reliable award winning perfect home cleaning services. Call us for your free quote now: 0800 000 907.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Presenting Police Checked and Dedicated Cleaning Professionals for Your Home

Home cleaning can be a mammoth task if you are a busy person in New Zealand. Maintaining and keeping a clean home can be a challenge for busy career oriented professionals. It is here that you seek the aid of professional house cleaners in Hamilton and elsewhere. However, they should be trustworthy and licensed. After all, you cannot allow strangers to just come in and start cleaning your home and thus the services of a credible and reputed company is a must!

Call Only Security Cleared Home Cleaning Companies
Select Home Cleaning is a highly reliable home cleaning company in New Zealand. It provides professional home cleaning services to the residents of Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch. The home cleaning experts here are police checked and they are skilled professionals with many years of experience under their belts. These home cleaners are very particular about quality and they care for your home as much as you do.

The professionals at Select Home Cleaning charge affordable rates even though they deliver sophisticated quality services worth heavy rates. They are focused on building long term customer relationships over profits, unlike other home cleaning companies in the region. This is why their name today enjoys the patronage of many home and business owners. The Select Home Cleaning Company assures its clients that they will be delighted with the cleaning job assigned to them. The rates of the job will depend on the area that is to be cleaned. You can opt for daily, weekly or monthly house cleaning as per your requirements.

If you are a very fussy person and want your home to be spotless, you can bank on Select Home Cleaning in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch. The Company deploys advanced cleaning methods to quickly keep your home free from dirt and dust.  The professionals here understand the cleaning needs of different surface types. They take time to review products and choose the appropriate ones for your home. This means when you bank on Select Home Cleaning, you get very careful cleaners who will not just walk in, do their job in a hurry and leave!

Request for a price quote today…
If you are looking for caring home cleaners in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and the adjoining areas, bank on Select Home Cleaning today. These professionals ensure that minute details are looked into. They treat your home as their own and ensure there is not even a speck of dirt left on the premises when they leave. Moreover, the professionals here are customer oriented and friendly. You may contact them and schedule an appointment. They will come over and give you a free estimate of the costs you need to incur for house cleaning.

With Select Home Cleaning, you can get the peace of mind you are looking for. This means if you are a busy person who cannot devote time to home cleaning in Wellington, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call  these devoted professionals. They will arrive at a time convenient to you and do the needful. After they leave, you will be delighted to see their perfect work culture. Contact them today!☎ 0800 000 907.