Monday, 17 December 2012

Here we ago again heading into Christmas....far too early again!

I don't know about you but every year Christmas seems to come earlier & earlier.  And I never seem to be fully ready!

One of the things that often causes a lot of stress is getting the house ready for all the family that descend at this time of the year.

Many of us are now using some sort of home cleaning service - normally because no one has the time for this sort of thing any more.  If you do have  a cleaner coming in regularly then now is a great time to be making extra use of them.  Every year part of my budget is to cover the cleaner (on the ESSENTIAL side of the list!).  When I go on holiday I normally do not get Mike & Kim in but I still budget a yearly amount because I get them to do a few extra things around this time - in the weeks leading up to Christmas they will clean the oven & the fridge inside.  I also get them to sweep out the garage because that is where I try to shunt my sisters husband so no one has to speak to him.....

For Mike & Kim this is a great bit of extra income to cover the 2 weeks they do not clean for me while I am away.  For me it is a few extra things I do not have to worry about.

So, my suggestion at this time of the year is to see your cleaners as stress relievers not cleaners - get them involved in making your life a little easier.

Now, where was that bottle of wine....