Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Some Useful Cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

You too can have a life of clean and ordered bliss at your home. Make a note of the following tips to clean your home efficiently.

Brilliant Bathroom Surface Cleaning
Take 1 2/3 cups baking-soda and mix it with 1/2 cup liquid soap in a bowl. Add half a cup of water to dilute the mixture and pour 2 tablespoons white vinegar also into the bowl. Stir the mixture well with a fork to form a fine solution. Transfer the liquid from the bowl to a spray bottle. Close the bottle with its cap and shake well before use. Now spray the liquid as necessary on the bathroom surfaces and scrub with a nylon-backed sponge. Once the stains, soap scum and mildew have been dissolved, rinse the area with water and see a sparkling bathroom.

You can also use ammonia for cleaning the yellowing white tiles (discoloration caused due to wax build up) on the walls of the bathroom. Use a mixture of 1 cup ammonia added into 2 litres of water. Scrub the tiles with a scouring pad till all the traces of wax are removed and finally rinse with water.

The problem with cleaning shower tiles that have lots of nooks and crannies is that some of the cleaning solution often stays stuck there. You can easily manage this situation using a toothbrush to scrub those little nooks as needed.

How to Keep Clean Your Fridges/Freezers
Get your fridge sparkling clean and smelling fresh with a solution of equal parts of water and white vinegar to wash both its interior and exterior. Another option is to try cleaning the refrigerator with a mixture of two tablespoons of baking soda and a quart of warm water. Did you know that white toothpaste can be used to clean deep stains in your fridge?

The plastic handles on the refrigerator are used frequently and sometimes they turn yellow. Try using a baking-soda paste to re-whiten the handle.

Quick Benchtop Cleaning
Sprinkle some baking-soda onto the bench top surface and rub with a damp cloth to bring back the sine and sheen.

For Burnt Black Marks on Your Iron
Scrub the mark firmly with a baking-soda paste to remove the black stuff.  You can also try to get rid of the black patches of burnt cloth fibre and dirt on your iron by scrubbing it with white vinegar and a Dobie Pad.

The baking-soda paste also can be used to slough off stains on your plastic cutting boards. Try this method also: Sprinkle rock salt on a cut lemon and rub it on the stubborn stains. 
Make a paste using two tablespoons of salt and one teaspoon of white distilled vinegar and use it for scrubbing your chrome sink to get that extra shine. 

How to Clean Mirrors and Glass Windows
Mix one part vinegar and one part water in 16-ounce squirt bottle. Add 2 teaspoons each of corn starch and rubbing alcohol into the bottle along with 8 drops of citrus oil. Close the bottle with cap. Shake it thoroughly and squirt on mirrors and windows, and scrub with old newspapers.  You are sure to get a good shine.

Tricks for Removing Dried Nail Polish from Carpet
Look for a product that is acetone free nail polish remover to dissolve and lift off the polish stain from your carpet. Apply the polish remover on to the affected area and dab at the stain with clean paper towels. That should do it for you.

The vinegar magic mentioned for fridges can be applied to clean your carpets too! Take a mixture of 2 tablespoons salt dissolved in half cup white vinegar and apply it on light stains on the carpet. You need to add 2 tablespoons borax to the mixture if the stain is deep and darker. Wait for some time for the solution to dry, and then vacuum the carpet.

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Monday, 12 September 2016

How to Keep Your Home More Organized and Germ-Free

When taking the services of a home cleaning company, ensure that their cleaners are insured and they provide all cleaning supplies and equipment necessary for the job. A good idea is to ask the company whether their home cleaners are vetted and customer recommended.

The secret to happiness: Not having to clean your house thoroughly will remove a lot of stress in your life and also will free up a lot of time for you!

Tips for Mopping Timber Floors

Timber flooring is very appealing, but you’ll have to take extra care to maintain it in good shape. Avoid the use of hot water on wood floors, and wipe out all traces of water after cleaning. Wet patches will stain the wood and can even result in expanded and warped boards.

Mats are to be placed at outside and inside of exterior doors to avoid dirt and germs entering your home. If you don’t remove the shoes at the doorstep, the tracked-in dirt could spoil a wood floor's finish.

Put floor protectors under furniture and rugs in children’s play areas to avoid getting marks and scratches on the wood floor. While vacuuming, give utmost care to prevent scratches- use only floor-brush attachment to the vacuum cleaner, not the beater bar attachment. Ensure that you are using the correct mop and mopping technique while cleaning timber floors.

One should understand that the weekly dust mopping won’t remove the stubborn dirt, pet stains, oil, and grime build up and scratch marks on a wooden flooring. For this, take the services of a professional home cleaning company which uses appropriate cleaning products. Trying to clean a very dirty wooden floor yourself with the help of DIY tips using sandpaper, steel wool, or harsh chemicals will result in permanent damage to the soft finish.

Removing Germs from Your Kitchen

Make it a point to keep your kitchen tables and countertops clutter free. When cooking raw meat and fish, avoid using cloth towels as they hold more germs- keep disposable towels handy. After preparing meat and fish, it’s advisable to disinfect your kitchen sink to prevent the growth of germs and harmful bacteria.  Keep the knives, spoons and plates dry so as to avoid mould growth. 

Kitchen floor is another vulnerable spot easily infected by large colonies of germs, so daily cleaning is a must. Make use of an antibacterial and disposable mopping system to make your kitchen floors sparkling without germs. 

Lastly, clean all the surfaces in the kitchen and dispose of food leftovers after the meals. Wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher. Once all areas including stovetop are cleaned, clean and disinfect the sink and faucet. Remember to regularly clean the sponges if you use them in the kitchen. 

Organising Your Bedroom 

Every day morning one should make the bed, and declutter the bedroom. Put away dirty clothes, and ensure that reading materials, glasses, dishes, toys, etc. go to their proper places. 

If you have sufficient time and the mood to clean the bedroom yourself rather than calling a professional cleaner, then do the following on a weekly basis: 

Dust the dressers, vanities, nightstand, picture frames, armours and chests; sweep and clean the floor- or if carpets and rugs are there, vacuum them. 

And on a monthly basis, you can do the following to keep the bedroom neat and tidy: 
Remove the curtains and wash them. Rotate and flip the mattress to prevent sagging in the areas mostly used while sleeping – for this, rotate the mattress 90 degrees and then raise it on its edge, and lower the mattress over so that the other side comes upward.  Don’t forget to vacuum underneath the bed and open the windows and doors to allow all the dust and dirty air out. 

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How to Freshen Up Your Home This Spring?

It’s that time of the year again: Have you booked your Spring Cleaning?!

We survived yet another winter and now looking forward for a warmer weather and beautiful spring blooms. We should bring this bright and awesome feeling of spring in the nature into our doorstep and our interiors too!

The Importance of Professional Home Cleaners
As springtime is around the corner, many people are overwhelmed about having to clean their houses from top to bottom.

It’s been reported that over 50% of New Zealand families feel stressed for time, so the cleaning duties are often put on the back burner. However, you can’t do that to spring cleaning!

We know it is stressful and exhausting job to remove all the dust and dirt of the last season accumulated overtime from every nook and corner of the house. Better to go for custom spring cleaning packages that perfectly suits your needs and budget, but always remember never to rely on cheap, low quality home cleaners!

Every house needs cleaning and maintenance to keep it in good shape, but often small problems are neglected until they turn into big ones. Even though we’re spending an average of two hours on house cleaning chores every single day, our homes don’t look that dazzling!

It takes a little effort to bring spring in even after your home is professionally cleaned. The following tips will help you to give your home a complete seasonal refresh.

Bring In Fresh Air and Kick Dust and Germs Out
Soft surfaces such as pillows, carpets and rugs, blankets, mattresses, upholstery and drapes are also to be thoroughly cleaned as part of the spring cleaning task. Dust, allergens, dust mites, dander, and other unsavoury bits and pieces get accumulated in those surfaces, creating trouble for allergy and asthma sufferers.  

Make sure that the carpet cleaning company you employ removes deep down dirt and allergens. Rugs, pillow cases, duvets and drapes should be given to a professional dry cleaner and cleaned once a year to keep your house odour and allergen free.

Turn off the heating system and open up your blinds and windows on a warm spring day and enjoy the freshness and vitality of the spring. A little fresh air can remove the build-up of stale created due to the windows being shut up during the winter months.

Swap Out Wintry Decor and Linens
Ensure that all winter woollies and boots etc. are neatly packed away. If it’s noticed that you no longer use some clothes because they are out of fashion or worn out, then put it in the donation pile. Don’t keep on storing garments that you won’t be wearing anymore! Categorise your clothes into donation, throw away, and pack away so as to keep your wardrobe well organised.  

Now is the time for putting some fresh and elegant new bed-linen in place of heavy blankets. New sheets are apt for heralding spring as they smell great and also look great. And introduce some brightly hued clothes and accessories too to have the feeling of welcoming the wonderful colours of spring. 

It’s recommended that you get your home professionally cleaned every spring - don't allow any dust, steaks, or smears spoil the beautiful feeling of spring visiting your home!

Bring in Some Plants and Blooms
Once the professionals have given a great spring clean to your home, next step is to energise it with gorgeous indoor plants. Also put a bunch of freshly cut blooms next to your bed, and change it daily because spring is all about flowers and freshness- enjoy every minute of it in style!

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

How to Ensure That You Always Have a Clean Home

A clean home that looks amazing helps reduce stress. Also, a well organised and neat environment increases your productivity. Rely on a house cleaning company which can produce stunning result with a minimum of disruption, and a high degree of care and skilfulness.

The home cleaner will be doing weekly or fortnightly cleaning, but here are some habits you should inculcate to keep your house well organised, tidy and inviting:

1. Arrange Your Clothes in an Orderly Way
All your clothes should have an assigned place, and ensure that they go there at the end of the day! So, you need not to search throughout the house, one room after another for a particular matching pair of socks or jeans and shirt.

2. Use Dishwasher Smartly
Make a habit of unloading the dishwasher before breakfast so that you can put the dirty dishes straightway into the dishwasher. This is to avoid piles of dirty dishes in the sink or on the countertop. Your dishwasher will be full by the time dinner is over, and then turn it on before bed.

3. Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff
Don’t keep on accumulating old clothes, decoration lights etc. in your home. Just have a check when you have free time and threw out extra items you no longer require. Also give away old but useful items to charity or organise a garage auction.

If you want to feel the freshness of a clean, orderly home, say no to clutter!

4. Make Your Bed Everyday
Making your bed in the morning gives you the satisfaction of a small job perfectly completed - make up your bed, put away clothes, fluff up pillows, and declutter up the bedroom. This can create a positive spirit and confidence which will continue to make you feel good for the whole day.

This way you also set a good example for other family members and they’ll also follow suit.

5. Keep Your Papers, Bills and Receipts Organized
If you find it difficult to manage stacks of bills and mails piling up all over your home then you need to do something urgently! Don’t’ keep papers hanging around the house- file them intact!

Follow a daily routine for organizing paperwork- file the bills after making the payments. When bills come in, put them in one place and after you’ve paid the bills, file immediately.  If you want to refer menus, coupons and the likes, secure them at a separate place where you can easily access them.

6. Use a Vacuum
If children and pets are in the home, you should dedicate sometime for daily vacuum cleaning- vacuum the high-traffic and pet area. Pets leave hair, dander, dirt and allergens all over the place and it can cause diseases.

7. Wipe down Surfaces in Your Kitchen
It’s essential to wipe down countertops, sink, the front of cupboards, and stove top after every use.  It takes only a few seconds to do a quick wipe of the area you just used to make it tidy and germ free.

8. Give Special Attention to Bathrooms & Toilets
Wash and sanitise sinks, countertops, showers, tubs and toilets and ensure they are sparkling clean. Spray a general purpose cleaner into the tub area and let it stay there (for dissolving oil and soap scum) while you start cleaning the rest of the bathroom. Use tile brushes for tile grout cleaning and a used toothbrush for removing build-up deposits around tub fixtures and faucet.

For many people, toilet cleaning remains the most hated house cleaning chore. Either you’ll have to assign the job to a professional home cleaner or learn some tips to manage it. Either way, it’s mandatory to keep the toilet clean and hygienic.

9. Put Your Shoes and Coats Away
It’s nice to remove shoes at the door and put them away neatly in a wardrobe or closet. This way you can prevent dirt and germs entering your house.  

Adopting a regular, healthy home cleaning habit will keep your home neat and clean and will minimise the psychological stress associated with messy homes. 

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Regular House Cleaning Checklist with Select Cleaning Specifications

You can schedule regular cleaning every week or fortnightly based on your requirements. You may also decide to clean it yourself or call a home cleaning expert as the situation demands. If you go for the second option, always ensure that you call a reputed home cleaner in New Zealand or Australia to meet your unique needs.

Given below is a standard house cleaning checklist as per Select Cleaning Specifications which will ensure you are stepping into a clean house every time you come home!

  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Dust & spot clean working left to right & top to bottom
  • Clean around stove top
  • Clean top and front of fridge & microwave
  • Scrub around taps with toothbrush
  • Clean plug hole with plug hole brush
  • Wash out sink with cream scourers
  • Vacuum floor
  • Mop from back of room to front
  • Check corners & edges
  • Leave all surfaces dry

Dining Room
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Dust & spot clean working left to right & top to bottom
  • Dust & spot clean anything in middle of room
  • Vacuum floor
  • Mop from back of room to front (if required)
  • Check corners & edges

  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Dust & spot clean working left to right & top to bottom 20 Dust & spot clean anything in middle of room
  • Vacuum floor
  • Mop from back of room to front (if required)

  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Dust & spot clean working left to right & top to bottom 25 Dust & spot clean anything in middle of room
  • Mop from back of room to front (if required)
  • Vacuum floor

  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Dust & spot clean working left to right & top to bottom 30 Dust & spot clean anything in middle of room
  • Mop from back of room to front (if required) 32 Vacuum floor
  • Laundry
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Dust & spot clean working left to right & top to bottom
  • Spot clean front of appliances
  • Scrub around tapes with toothbrush
  • Clean plug hole with plug hole brush
  • Wash out sink with cream scourers
  • Leave all surfaces dry
  • Sweep/vacuum floor
  • Mop floor
  • Check corners & edges

Bathrooms & Toilets
  • Put mats outside door
  • Flush toilet & spray with disinfectant / cleaner
  • Check bathroom for cobwebs
  • Dust & spot clean working around room
  • Clean mirror
  • Clean around edges of tap and unit with toothbrush
  • Clean plug hole with plug hole brush
  • Clean top of vanity with disinfectant / cleaner
  • Clean basin bowl with clean scourer & rinse
  • Dry all of top including chrome taps
  • Spot clean base of hand basin & cupboards
  • With toilet brush fully scrub inside of toilet & S-bend
  • Spray disinfectant / cleaner over entire toilet & floor area behind & to sides
  • Wipe Cistern including back
  • Wipe behind toilet and all pipes
  • Wipe outside of bowl
  • Leave toilet outside dry, especially seat
  • Clean toilet brush holder
  • Clean rubbish bin
  • Clean scales
  • Mop floor from back of room to front
  • Check corners & edges & behind doors
  • Scrub corners with Doodlebug

  • Check base for mould & spray with bleach/punch
  • Spray walls with zest & scrub with pad
  • Clean chrome fittings & soap dish with toothbrush
  • Spray glass walls/doors with zest & scrub with pad
  • Use toothbrush to clean shower door tracks
  • Wash down 4 walls with shower head or bucket & cup
  • Squeegee walls dry & dry chrome fittings
  • Clean base of shower / bath with cream scourer & pad –Clean drain
  • Wash away scourer & dry floor / bath
  • Clean outside glass as needed with glass cleaner
  • Wipe outside ledge of shower base

  • Straighten magazines
  • Close doors
  • Set Alarm
  • Lock main door

Select Cleaning always want 100 percent quality output and customer satisfaction. They’ll provide you with a communication book to record any specific instructions or issues you want to notify the home cleaner. This is done for the cleaning company to check and improve the quality of their service.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean & Germ Free

Kitchen Cabinet Goo & Gunk Remover
A lot of grime and grease get collected on your kitchen cabinets as time goes by. Here’s a magic solution to make your kitchen cabinets shine like new. Take one part vegetable oil and two parts baking soda and mix together using a spoon. This will form a thick paste and apply it onto the dirty spots, especially near the handles. Scrub the area with a toothbrush to get the gunk out of the cabinets!

Always remember to wipe out the cabinets as soon as spills and drips occur. This will reduce the formation of thick layers of dirt.

Dishwasher Cleaner
Make sure that the dishwasher is empty, then pour one cup of distilled white vinegar into the dishwasher and run a heavy clean cycle. Now sprinkle one cup baking soda in the bottom of the dishwasher and let it stay on overnight.

Next day morning, run an empty cycle to remove leftover food, grease, and soap scum. During cold season pour ¼ cup of bleach to the normal dish cycle to prevent bacterial infection.
A damp sponge sprinkled with baking soda can be used to wipe around the edges of the dishwasher. Do this on a weekly basis to clean all food particles and stain on the machine.

DIY Shower Head Cleaning
The idea is to soak your shower head using vinegar for about 15 to 30 minutes. Take a plastic bag (which will just fit over your showerhead) and fill it partway with equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water. Now wrap the polythene bag around the showerhead so that it is dipped fully in the vinegar. Ensure to tie a piece of string tightly around the plastic bag and the shower pipe so that it won’t fall off.

Take the bag off after 30 minutes and scrub the shower head with a toothbrush. Turn the water on and again clean with the old toothbrush.

How to Clean Shower Door Tracks
White vinegar can remove all traces of mould and mildew on tile grout. When handling vinegar, it’s advisable to wear cleaning gloves to prevent your skin absorbing the vinegar.

Spray the white vinegar on paper towels and lay them along the shower door tracks. After 30 minutes, you can remove the paper towels. Now use an old tooth brush to clean the loose grime.
Make a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule for your shower door and the door tracks respectively. And avoid soap scum build up by giving the shower door a quick wipe down after every shower.

Homemade Drain Cleaner
A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can perfectly clean the drains. First, pour two cups of boiling water down the drain after removing all water from the sink or tub. Now pour one cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a mix of one cup of white vinegar and one cup of hot water right on top and plug the drain immediately.

DIY Mattress Cleaner
Mix half cup baking soda with 12 to 15 drops of essential oils. Now spray it over the bed and rub the mixture into the bed. Leave it for one hour for the mixture to work on the dirt, residue and stains. Lastly, clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner to remove all traces of baking soda and dirt. Now enjoy a good night’s sleep.
It’s also recommended to flip the mattress every six months to extend its life and prevent sagging.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner
Add one tablespoon of dish soap (that doesn’t contain bleach) to four litres of hot water. Then add one and a half tablespoons of distilled white vinegar and a quarter cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Your carpet cleaner is ready. To get a lovely fragrance on your carpets, you may add five to six drops of lemon essential oil to the carpet cleaning mixture.

This carpet cleaner will also work well for cleaning your mattresses.

Always keep in mind that these DIY techniques and easy tips are for assisting you with normal house cleaning chores. However, for removing stubborn stains and ensuring perfect cleaning, you should consult a licensed home cleaning company to work around your schedule for weekly/fortnightly home cleaning or one-off house cleaning.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

DIY Home Cleaning Tips and When to Call the Pros

It’s better to do cleaning and housekeeping works daily rather than saving everything for one big cleaning task. Get into a daily house cleaning routine: making the bed, doing the dishes after every meal or at least at the end of the day, and sweeping the kitchen floor. This will ensure that your house looks fresh and cleaner every day! 

Make Your Own Window Cleaner
You need not to use fancy window and mirror cleaning sprays- they are not only costly, but also inefficient for cleaning stubborn stains. Take one and a half cup of water, and one and half teaspoon each of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a mug. Put three drops of peppermint essential oil into the mixture and fill it in a spray bottle. Your homemade cleaner is ready – now spray it on windows and wipe with a lint-free cloth such as a microfiber cloth.

To permanently remove the menace of water spots from glass shower door, rub it with lemon oil twice or thrice a month. The presence of lemon oil will cause the water to bead up and roll off, thereby keeping glass doors clear and shining.

Tea-Stain Your Fabric and Get Antique Creamy Look
You need not to throw badly stained kitchen towels. You can tea-dye them to get a new creamy brown colour and nice look. Take a metal bucket with boiled water and put five black tea bags in it for 10 minutes. Now take out the tea bags and put the stained linen in the tea mixture and stir gently.  Let it soak for 10 minutes or until you get the desired shade.

Now remove the fabric from the tea mixture and rinse well with warm water and dish soap. The approximate volume of water and the cloth size: 4 cups of water and 4 single cup tea bags will dye roughly 1 yard of fabric.

Wooden Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets
Use natural oils like lemon oil (Old English or Milsek) to revitalize the wood and continue to nourish and protect the wooden furniture and kitchen cabinets. The lemon oil will also help to remove wax build up along with water marks on the wood. Use a plain cloth to rub the oil into the wood and let it dry for 10 minutes or so.

Use flour-sack tea towels made of pure cotton in your kitchen for general cleaning. They are better than paper towels to dry glasses lint-free and to wipe down the stove.
Kitchen Sink

Sprinkle baking soda on the stains or on a damp rag and gently scrub to remove stains in sinks or to buff scuffs off floors. Another method is: make a paste of 1 cup borax and 1/4 cup lemon; apply it on a damp sponge to clean floor tiles and porcelain sinks.

You may not believe, but it's a fact that your dirty kitchen sink sometimes accommodates more bacteria than your toilet seat. That’s why we emphasise to call a quality house cleaner to thoroughly clean your kitchen and bathroom every weekly or fortnightly.

To disinfect the kitchen sink, first clean it with soap and water. Next, spray a mist of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide one after the other. Allow the sink to air-dry. Apply a few drops of mineral oil on a soft cloth and buff the stainless steel sink to avoid water build-up and mould growth. This will also make the sink looking clean and sparkling.

Calendar and Checklist for Yearly Special Cleaning
Ensure that you do the following cleaning tasks at least once a year: wash the windows inside and out; flip and vacuum your mattresses; deep-clean toilets, tub/shower, carpets, and the floors; change the furnace filter- it is better if you can do it twice a year.

These sophisticated cleaning tasks require expertise and hard work. It’s always good to get professional home cleaners to do the tough house cleaning chores. They will be doing it perfectly and so you need not to worry about hygiene and quality housekeeping. Also check with well known house cleaning companies for available cleaning packages that could save you some bucks too.

For your information, Select Home Cleaning provides dependable and affordable domestic house cleaning service that will leave your home looking great every time. This award winning home cleaner services Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch. Call them on 0800 000 907 for a free quote.