Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Select Home Cleaning- Top Cleaning Tips for Mirrors and Windows in New Zealand

Glass windows and the mirrors in your home easily accumulate dirt and dust. No matter how often you clean them, they will get dirty. You may clean and rub them meticulously to remove the stains but the glass does not sparkle the way you want them to. You can call Select Home Cleaning who’ll arrange professional window cleaners in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch to remove stubborn elbow grease and lint from glass surfaces. However, some easy regular cleaning of the window or mirror can be done by yourself with the following cleaning tips. 

Here are some top secret ideas on how to keep your window clean! Read on to find them out.
  • Besides top quality window cleaning solutions, you need the right tools. You should use a microfiber cloth, chamois or squeegee to clean the window or glass. You should not use paper towels as the latter will leave streaks on the window or mirror.
  • If you are cleaning glass that is very dirty, you should start by cleaning it with microfiber cloth that has been soaked in an effective cleaning solution. There are many high quality cleaning solutions available in the market and you may take recommendations from professional home cleaners when they come to remove stubborn stains from your mirrors and glass windows. Rub the glass or the window to remove the stains. When finished rub the glass with a crumpled newspaper sheet.
  • If you are using a commercial glass cleaner, it is important for you to opt for products without ammonia. If you have club soda at home or a coffee filter, you may use them to remove stains from the mirror or glass.
  • If you have a cover of wax on the mirror you can clean it by mixing two cups of water, half a cup of liquid dish wash soap and a quartet cup of vinegar. If the glass or the window has a cloudy appearance, you may use some white vinegar, one and a half teaspoon of cornstarch in warm water and alcohol. This mixture can be stored inside a spray bottle. Before every use, shake it and see how it cleans your glass.
  • Another interesting ingredient that removes scratches from mirrors or glass is white toothpaste. After cleaning the glass or the mirror with a cleaning solution, you may polish it with a little bit of white toothpaste. This means you can follow-up and keep your glass and mirrors free from stains after professional window or mirror cleaners have left.

SelectHomeCleaning Ensure that the Promises They Make Are Delivered on

If you have lots of windows and mirrors at home that you cannot clean yourself, it is wise to go in for professional window cleaners. Select Home Cleaning is a well established award winning home cleaning services Company in New Zealand.  Even though their regional office team does not do window cleaning, they can arrange to have it done for you with trusted service providers who are fast at their job and ensure you get sparkling clean glass and mirrors in no time. If you are busy and cannot pay attention to your windows and mirrors, contact Select Home Cleaning today on 0800 000 907!

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