Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Remove Stubborn Bathroom Stains with Professional Home Cleaners in Auckland

It is important for your bathroom and toilet to be sparkling clean all the time. Owners who are meticulous ensure their bathrooms are germ-free and hygienic. Cleaning the toilet is not an easy task for most people. It requires discipline and dedication. Professional home cleaners in Auckland keep these two vital aspects in mind when they are hired to clean a house, especially the toilets.

Stop Bacterial Growth & Protect Family
If you ignore cleaning the bathroom and toilet frequently, this will lead to bacterial growth in the area.  If not checked, your family members and loved ones will be exposed to regular bouts of illness. Sanitation should never be compromised. Moreover, cleaning stubborn marks require the skills of experienced and professional home cleaners. They use safe disinfectants and cleaning agents that remove these stains without damaging the costly material. 

Kill Germs Instantly
It’s a challenging task to clean the toilets  where germs that cause infections and disease are present. The solutions and substances used to kill these germs should be non-toxic for humans and harsh on germs. Professional house cleaners possess the right equipment and cleaning agents to remove these harmful organisms from your bathroom and toilet completely.

Embrace A Regular Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning Schedule
There are several home and office owners who are not aware on how often should they clean their bathroom or toilet. Like all the other rooms, your bathroom and toilet should also have a fixed cleaning schedule. This schedule should be maintained on a weekly and monthly basis to get best results. If you cannot set the bathroom or toilet cleaning schedule alone, you can take help from the professional home cleaning services in your locality. Professionals from Select Home Cleaning will come down and inspect the premises. They will give you a price estimate and time on how often should you deploy them to keep your bathroom or toilet sparkling clean. For most homeowners, cleaning the bathroom or the toilet is their least favourite task.  They often delay or completely ignore this part of their home, making it a breeding ground for dirty germs.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist
SelectHome Cleaning professional service in Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch make a bathroom cleaning checklist. Before they begin cleaning, they inspect the area and make a list of the cleaning equipment and materials required. They do not use the same processes and procedures for all the homes and offices they visit. They treat every project uniquely and this is why they are opted for when people look for a germ free and clean bathroom.

Find the Right Auckland Bathroom Cleaner for Your Needs
In Auckland, there are several professional home cleaners that give you a clean and healthy bathroom. However, you shouldn’t opt for the first bathroom home cleaning service that comes your way. Professional and credible home cleaning companies will hire home cleaners that have their backgrounds checked. Reputed companies deploy professionals that maintain the confidentiality of your home. This means you will not be inviting strangers to your home for cleaning the bathroom or the toilet. You can find the right home cleaner for your house or office with the aid of references from family and friends. In case, you do not know anybody reliable enough to suggest you the right cleaners, you can check online resources and check reviews before hiring the company for your needs. You can also talk to professionals on 0800 000 907 to get authentic information. 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Get Rid of Cobwebs from Your House Completely As You Prepare for Christmas

There is nothing else that makes your home look more old and creepy than cobwebs! They dangle from the ceiling and make the room look dingy.  You will often find the presence of cobwebs around window beams and corners. If you have a textured ceiling, you will find many cobwebs there too. It is hard to get rid of them most of the time. In most houses, cobwebs are found in places that are difficult to reach and clean. Any attempt to clean them can risk an accident. It is here that you need to resort to a professional home cleaner that will use the right equipment and materials to get rid of these messy eye sores.

What is a Cobweb? How's It Different from a Spider Web?

There are many people who are not aware of what a cobweb precisely means and how they are different from fresh spider webs. They mistake it to be just a spider web. This is true only to some extent. A cobweb is the remnants of a spider web that is no longer used by the spider. The cobweb stays after the spider dies or shifts to a more fly filled locale. The web attracts dust and other debris. The web disintegrates and dangles from the ceiling hanging making them look ugly and creepy. The cobwebs that are generally cleaned by professionals are not light like the fresh webs made by the spider. They are thicker and have a deep tangled look. The fresh spider webs are woven with the intention to catch flies and bugs for the spider to eat. They have elaborate patterns as they are like a home to the spider. Fresh webs are light and not sticky in comparison to old cobwebs.  If you take a look at the two, you will find a clear difference. However, as a home and business premises owner, no one would like these cobwebs to be around. This is why professional cleaners are called in to destroy them and keep your home clean.

Opt for Professional Home Cleaners to Remove Cobwebs

From the above, it is evident that as a home or business centre owner, it is not possible for you to safely and completely clean cobwebs on your own. You may be in a position to clean cobwebs on walls that are within your reach but trying to destroy them on ceilings and corners is a risky affair. You have to climb on ladders or chairs. The broom or brush has to be right for the area to be cleaned. In case, you are not an expert home cleaner, you face the risk of falling down and injuring yourself.

Call in the Experts…

Therefore, if you are looking for a clean and cobweb-free home this Christmas season, it is prudent to call in the experts for the job. There are affordable home cleaning services in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch area that are willing to come over and make your home free from cobwebs. For example, the Select Home Cleaning is an affordable and very professional service provider. This means you can call them regularly and get a clean home without burning a hole in your pocket! 

When guests come to visit you for Christmas parties this year, they’ll be happy to see a brighter home than last year, and so they are sure to appreciate your sense of cleanliness. Warm Christmas greetings to you!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Special Home Cleaning for Christmas and Some Useful Cleaning Tips

Are you ready for Christmas?

Double check whether your house and its premises have been cleaned up for the Christmas festivities. We offer special House Cleaning package for the Christmas season. We have the perfect cleaning technology to keep the Christmas cheer, up and elevated.

Contact Select Home Cleaning today for advance booking options with respect to one off cleaning for Christmas. In order to make your home glittering for the partying, we will first identify areas in the house that need more attention than others. Our tactic is to sort things out into groups and prioritise the space they should occupy.

This one-time cleaning for Christmas generally consists of the following: (matters regarding total cleaning area and cost will be settled after discussion with clients):
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Kitchen units, benchtops and worktops
  • Floors, Internal Windows – Mopping/Vacuuming & Dustin
  • Bathrooms & Lavatories cleaning

We will be carrying all cleaning equipment and cleaning products to make all areas professionally cleaned.

Here are some tips that will help you a lot during the Christmas season:
  • Try to build the cleaning habit early on your kids – start with this Christmas cleaning session. They are sure to enjoy it and feel more grown up. And slowly they will pick up the habit of cleaning up after themselves and help with general home maintenance. Remember, keeping the kids’ things together and organised is no mean feat. 
  • First decide the space where you’re planning to conduct the Christmas entertaining party - if it is in the backyard, check the condition of the gardens and patio area and tidy up things there.
  • We use lot of candles for Christmas, so consider this tip of making candles last longer: Cover the candles with a plastic bag and place in the freezer for 24 hours before lighting.
  • You require more cleaning liquids during the Christmas parties. Here’s how you can easily prepare handmade liquid soap at home: Collect the bits of soap that are always left over, combine them with glycerine and some warm water – mix well and pour into a bottle; your handwash is ready!
  • Party time with children means broken glasses here and there! You can pick up small fragments of broken glass with the help of bread pieces.
  • Lot of cake and sweets are used during Christmas party, and so you may face the nuisance of ants in the home. To stop ants entering your house, draw a chalk line outside the house near doors and windows and on the courtyard. If it rains, then re-draw the chalk lines.
  • After vacuuming a room, place some drops of essential oil near the vent. The hot air will warm the oil and blow it into the room, keeping it smelling fresh. Also, burn some coffee beans in a saucepan to mask unpleasant odor.
Throughout the year, Select Home Cleaning offers regular house cleaning as well as one-off cleaning services such as One-off 'Spring Clean', One-off Christmas Clean etc. You can book the home cleaning service in advance as per your choice by calling us on 0800 000 907.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Professional Window Cleaning Service in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga & Hamilton

Every home owner looks for effective and affordable home cleaning services. A neat home is a pride for its owner. The walls, carpets, floors and windows have to be cleaned to prevent the onset of mould, rust and other detrimental elements that can ruin your home decor. When it comes to window cleaning in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton, it is important that you get experts to do the job for you. With them, you are sure to get clean windows fit for a healthy and attractive home.
Benefits of Employing Professional Window Cleaning Companies
Window cleaning companies use professional window cleaning methods to keep windows sparkling clear and clean. These cleaners also have the equipment and cleaning solvents to clean stubborn spots and stains so that you get a shining finish. These companies have insured and licensed professionals who are trained in the job.
Save Costs with Professional Window Cleaners in Auckland 
Window cleaning by yourself means you need to invest into expensive house cleaning supplies. You may not have the skills and expertise to get tough marks and stains off from your window.  Moreover, if you are not careful, especially while cleaning windows on a ladder, you may fall prey to an accident. Professional window cleaners in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton ensure you get experienced staff who perfectly cleans your window. They have the ladders, kit and brushes required to do the window cleaning job for you.  The costs for window cleaning are not that expensive. This means you have hassle-free window cleaning experts at your disposal when you can relax or do other works.
Make Your Glass Sparkle As Often As Required with Trustworthy Window Cleaners 
Professional window cleaners are reliable and efficient. They are trustworthy as each professional has been security checked. This is done primarily to maintain the confidentiality and safety of your home or business. With the aid of these professionals, you can get your window cleaning deeds done very effectively without delays. All you have to do is call them over and entrust them with the task of cleaning your windows. They also counsel and guide you on how to take care of your windows during different seasons.
Get Free Quotes and Estimates for Window Cleaning Projects
Before you hire professional window cleaning companies for your home, it is important to ascertain the costs of window cleaning first. Most professional companies in Auckland have websites where you can check the nature of the services provided. There are some websites that give you a free quote. You can also phone or email the company to get a total estimate as to how much your window cleaning will cost them. The schedule for cleaning the windows also has to be fixed. The cleaners will come over and inspect the premises.  Mutually you can decide on the date when the windows can be cleaned.
It is thus evident that professional window cleaning services in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton are the best choice if you are looking for cleaning the windows. The professionals are trained, fully insured and ensure the safety of your home with success!