Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing and Look Fresh

Standard house cleaning companies normally bring quality products and cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaner, mops, brooms etc., when they come for your home cleaning task.

Pick up the best house cleaning offer that suits you well- it should be time saving, flexible, and affordable cleaning service with great customer care.

While selecting cleaning products and procedures, ask your home cleaning professionals to reduce the negative impact on our environment by keeping in mind the characteristics of petrochemicals and solvents. Nobody uses 100% natural cleaning products, but it’s good to be nature-friendly as far as possible.

It’s a fact that a clean home imparts very comfortable and wonderful feelings without you directly noticing it. It’ll enlighten the spirits of all family members when everything is neat and tidy. For this you need to give your home cleaning task to somebody who is an expert in the detailed, customized housekeeping services.

Find below some of the most germ-prone areas in your house:
1. Kitchen sponges and dish rags that you use to clean countertops, dishes etc. are found to be very dirty in most homes, carrying illness-causing bacteria, and other germs. They also contain colonies of mould. So, ensure to rinse the sponge or cloth in hot water, squeeze out the water, and keep it dry. Occasionally sterilize a wet sponge by drying it in the microwave for one minute. Daily wash the rags. When cleaning countertops, use a disinfecting spray and change sponge every two weeks.
2. Another area that harbours germs is the kitchen sink. Knives and cutting boards that have traces of raw meat, and fruits and food particles left in the sink basin encourage heavy germ growth! Ensure to daily scour the area with a scrub brush and a cleaning product as advised by your home cleaner to remove bacteria.
3. Your TV remote controls, and computer keyboards & mouse are often used by members of the family and contain large colonies of bacteria if you don’t give particular attention. Swab them with a well-wrung-out disinfecting wipe at least once in a week.

Another important point to keep in mind: you’ll get guaranteed results only if you call insured and police verified house cleaners. Enjoy hygienically clean toilets, dining area, kitchen, and so on with a trusted house cleaning company in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch in New Zealand, and also several places across Australia. Yes, you guessed it right, the Select Home Cleaning service!

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Select your home cleaning needs and call the dedicated professionals at Select Cleaning service on a weekly, alternate weekly or monthly basis. Our cleaning professionals are franchisees and as they are owners themselves, it’s natural that they have great attitudes and honesty and they take pride in providing quality cleaning.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

How to Solve Your Home Cleaning Headaches

If you can devote some time daily for house cleaning, the task may not pile up to become a massive cleaning project for you! Schedule your home cleaning task on a daily to weekly basis as per the checklist given below-

A better plan is to do the cleaning process from room to room. Cut the work done on the cleaning list as you finish cleaning each room. You can also delegate the cleaning task to members of the family including children to give them some responsibility in the overall house cleaning process. As you detail one room for each family member, your cleaning task will also get quickly finished.

Daily Vacuum the Areas that Have More Traffic
You need to daily vacuum only the common areas, not every room in the house. The living room, and the dining and kitchen area where most of the members spend more time has to be vacuumed every day to keep the area clean and hygienic.  Floor carpets also need daily cleaning especially when there are children and pets around.

Here’s a Weekly Task List for Your Home Cleaning
The checklist for weekly cleaning will contain a long list of tasks. Here you’ll have to take a decision whether to do it yourself or call a home cleaning service provider. If you have the time and inclination to do it, well and good; just follow the procedures mentioned in the following paragraphs. However, if you want to relax on a nice weekend going for a picnic or visiting some friends, you can detail the task to a responsible home cleaner in New Zealand and see a fresh and glittering home when you come back!

Some of the important weekly home cleaning tasks are given below:

1. Vacuuming All the Areas in the House
Vacuum clean all carpet, wooden or stone floors, rugs and their underside, your curtains, and wherever you can do the vacuuming. When you vacuum wooden floors or curtains ensure to use appropriate attachments to the machine so that it’ll work properly. Vacuuming curtains is followed by many people as it’ll remove some dirt and dust, by which you can prolong the washing cycle.  

2. Cleaning the Toilet
Not the kind of job for everybody, but if you don’t particularly dislike it you can manage it with a quality cleaning product. Apply the cleaner to the toilet bowl, its sides and under the rim, and wait for sometime before cleaning it. Use a strong toilet brush to remove stains. Use separate brushes for toilet bowl cleaning and the floor cleaning. Remove stubborn stains from floor and wall tiles using separate cleaner if required.

If you hate toilet cleaning, you can assign this particular task to a home cleaning company in New Zealand. Remember, a professional cleaner can do it the best way in a hygienic manner!
Same points are applicable for cleaning the bath and showers too. Here you’ll encounter soap scum and mould build-ups in addition to stubborn stains.                                                

3. Refrigerator Cleaning
Regularly remove any food items or vegetables that are past their ‘use by’ date- Now you may ask how to identify it? Of course, you can manage it by smelling and seeing! Take out anything that is getting musty, anything that smells bad, or anything that’s visibly rotten. This will save you enough space and also make the inside of the fridge healthy and hygienic.

Everybody will agree that house cleaning is a very tedious task. It can take away your precious time and energy even if you’re not employed. You can solve this issue by calling a professional house cleaner occasionally for full cleaning, and regularly for particular cleaning tasks such as kitchen cleaning, oven cleaning, toilet cleaning etc.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Cleaning Your Kitchen – The Correct Way to Do It!

Worried about kitchen cleaning? Watch a well explained video on how to do the kitchen cleaning and arranging the things the right way. In this Select Home Cleaning video, the Do’s and Don’ts while cleaning your kitchen are narrated with examples. Know these tips to keep your kitchen sparkling and spotless!
Fully cleaning the kitchen and the equipment and appliances there may seem a difficult task, but with step-by-step plan you can manage it effortlessly. If you’re in a good mood, you can speed clean the kitchen within half an hour, provided you practise it regularly! If time doesn’t permit, you can call a reliable professional home cleaning service in New Zealand to do the kitchen cleaning in a perfect way. In fact, you should call a home cleaner once in a while to cover up the lapses in your individual house cleaning habits.

Your countertops, floors, and appliances like oven, refrigerator etc. always have tough stain spots caused by everyday items such as salt, ketchup, wine, tea/coffee and other acidic substances. A home cleaning specialist can clean those stain marks and dirt in a proper way to make your kitchen looking and smelling great!

Use a multi-surface spray cleaner on the stove top and the countertops before you start cleaning. This will soak up the stains so they can be easily removed when you clean them up.

Make sure to add a few drops of cleaner into the cleaning cloth when cleaning the fronts of kitchen appliances, cabinet faces and backsplashes. Kitchen sink rims and drains accumulate stubborn dirt and germs- use a toothbrush to neatly clean those areas. Use another toothbrush to clean food particles from burners, knobs and dials of the stove.  

Make sure that you’re doing every aspect of your kitchen cleaning in the right way. For example, you may be making mistakes while using your dishwasher- like arranging the dishes incorrectly- silver and stainless steel items are sometimes mixed in the flatware basket which can cause pitting. Another mistake is putting hand-painted porcelain or wood items in the dishwasher which could damage the beautiful artwork you’re proud of!

So, whenever you’re in doubt, call a home cleaning expert and watch them cleaning your home or read Select Cleaning blog for tips and advice on all matters related to home cleaning in New Zealand and Australia.

Also learn how to arrange things in an easy-to-use orderly manner in your kitchen. If you mess up everything in the kitchen, it’ll be a headache to work there. Remember, you spend pretty good time there! Ensure to store equipment and dinnerware close to the place where they are used- dishes next to the dishwasher, pots and pans next to the stove, the items you frequently use can be placed near to the work counters and so on. This way, things are not only arranged neatly but also kept closest to their point of main use. 

After reading all these genuine points, you may be wondering whether the kitchen cleaning procedures you were following till this time were proper or not! No worries, call the Select Cleaning professionals now on 0800 000 907 to do it right for you! Ask for a free quote to ascertain quality work at affordable price. 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Hassle-free Way to House Moving and Relocation Cleaning

Moving house is one of the most tedious tasks we encounter in our lives. The process can be extremely stressful and needs more effort and coordination among various agencies including a house cleaning expert. Sorting and packing the different kinds of items gathered from several years of moving from rented flat to rented flat is such a terrible and boring task.

One important aspect of house moving is to get it cleaned thoroughly after you finish your packing so as to pass inspection with your landlord. Some real estate agents make statutory requirement for showing receipts from professional house cleaners when residents move out. This makes it more reasonable for you to call house cleaning specialists during relocation.

If we look at the advertisements, it’s clear that the total number of homes for sale in New Zealand is increasing day by day. This shows more number of people will be relocating this year around.

The following tips will help to reduce your tensions if you are planning to shift home-
  • Plan Ahead Well in Advance
Organising the things and effective coordination is very important when you want to relocate from a house or apartment. Prepare a checklist of people to notify- banks, insurance companies, postal service, store cards, pension & loan providers, council tax office, social media clients, schools, cable provider etc.
A house cleaning company is to be consulted well in advance for making the house from which you’re moving out look neat and tidy. This is necessary for the lease agreement signed by you. Same house cleaner can be detailed for making the new house presentable to inspection. This way you may get some reduction in overall home cleaning cost as these services will efficiently manage general cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, exterior cleaning etc.
  • Packing Up
Ensure to switch off your phone line, internet connection and all other utilities. Now start packing up in an orderly manner. Pack items into small boxes and keep them in the garage ready to load. Reduce the items one by one keeping the ones that get the most frequent use, like cutlery or the TV, and pack them the last day of the house move. Never forget to defrost the fridge one day prior to the move.
  • Removals
Contact standard removal firms after checking a list from internet sites and get two or three quotes. Also make use of personal recommendations before finalising a removal firm. Some established removal companies help you to remove and pack every item in the household reducing your troubles to a great extent. And some companies are quite affordable too.
  • Coordination between Service Agencies
sometimes when you contact a house cleaning company in New Zealand, they may refer a removal/relocation service company quite known to them. This will be a great relief to you as both of the services will manage things in close coordination.  This will also help you to manage things in a cost effective way.

So the above points make it clear that moving clever should be your game plan.  If you want any further information on relocation cleaning for moving-in and moving-out requirements, contact Select Cleaning in New Zealand. Contact them on: 0800 000 907 or visit the Website today.