Thursday, 23 July 2015

Easy Tips to Make House Cleaning in New Zealand Very Simple and Fast

Our house is truly a place where our heart is. It is a place where we all wish to be happy and enjoy with our family. It makes us forget the hardships and stress of life. Our memories of good and bad are attached to it and such a place should be kept clean, hygienic and tidy all the time.
 A clean house makes us feel good and positive.

All our efforts to keep the house clean not only make us happy but also fetch the appreciation of the family members. The following house cleaning tips are easy and simple to follow:

Cleaning the mirrors: One need not to buy glass cleaners and paper towels to clean the mirrors, instead you can keep them shine as new with the help of some vinegar and old newspapers.
Wash the Dinner Plates on time
: If the dinner plates are kept unclean for a long time then it is a very tough work to wash them. You can rinse the plates immediately after dinner and make your family members also do the same so that washing them become less time consuming and easy. Even though it is a small and simple habit, it can save you lot of troubles. 

Oven cleaning made easy: You may be using your oven regularly, but when you get a gap, just spray some oven cleaner quickly and keep it without using for a day. The next day, before switching on the oven, give a smart wipe and then all the baked stuff remaining inside will come off easily.

Microwave oven cleaning tips:  Here is a smart way to clean the microwave oven. Just fill a cup of water and keep it in high heat for few minutes. The steam from the cup of water will loosen the dried-on gunk. Then you can wipe it easily.
How to get rid of the bad odour in your fridge: Follow these steps and the fridge cleaning work will become easier. First of all remove any junk food. Wipe the shelves from top to bottom. After wiping it off, clean the inside of the fridge with a solution of baking soda and water. This mixture is a great cleaner and it will completely remove the bad odour in your fridge. After wiping out the crisper, line them with paper towels which will facilitate for next cleaning.

Bathroom cleaning: While cleaning the bathroom, use lemon oil to shine the tiles. It also prevents mildew and moulds. Formation of rings can be prevented by using a false teeth bubbling tablet. The build up of hard water in the shower head can be prevented using vinegar. Alcohol can be used to shine bathroom faucets.

Toilet Hygiene: It is one of the most hated things to clean the toilet but can be done easily and quickly if we follow these simple steps. Pour some cleaner in the bowl and let it soak. Then wipe down the seat and the outside bowl with spray cleaner or antibacterial cleaner. Then scrub the bowl with toilet cleaning brush and finally wipe down every thing with a dry cloth to let it shine.

Easy way to clean the bath tubs: Use a cleanser that will bubble or foam and allow the tub or shower gets soaked. Take a scrubber which is convenient to handle and clean the tub. Deep cleaning of bath tubs can be made easier if the tub is sprayed and showered after each use.  

These easy steps are sure to keep your house neat, clean and beautiful. And occasionally take the services of a professional cleaning company to make things easy for you. Select Home Cleaning is a dependable, well established and award winning home cleaning service in New Zealand. They are affordable home cleaners doing their excellent house cleaning services in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch. They have a team of expert home cleaners with sophisticated equipment to perform the cleaning task in a professional manner.  

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