Thursday, 25 June 2015

Select Home Cleaning Tips- How to Handle Stubborn Pet Stains

Having a pet at home is indeed a joy, however at times your pet can leave ugly stains around the house hard to remove. It is here professional house cleaners like Select Home Cleaning experts in New Zealand step in to help. They remove not only the stains but the odour as well. There are however, fresh stains you can work on to prevent further darkening before you call experts. 

Here is what our Select Home Cleaning specialists suggest-
Remember old or dry pet stains set in deep and are hard to remove. At times, it can be impossible to get rid of the mark completely. This means it is smart to work on the stain when it is relatively fresh. Pet stains that remained on any surface for a considerable time period are very difficult to remove. There is the added discomfort of the odour that remains with the stain.

Remove pet stains before they set in
For removal of fresh pet stains, you will need a good quality absorbent rag or towel, bacteria or enzyme digester, vinegar, plastic wrap and water.

The first thing you need to do is blot up the liquid passed by your pet with the towel or the absorbent rag. Place it on the liquid and step on it. You should begin with gentle pressure and later put your foot down on it heavily. Change to fresh towels or rags till no liquids come up.

The next step is to place the bacteria/enzyme digester on the stain. This will deal with the mark and smell. The digester tends to work slowly and will take its time. Leave the solution on as long as the directions on the bottle or packet say. If the urine of your pet has penetrated deep down into the surface area, then you should use enough solution to reach deep down to the stain. Good to keep your doubts cleared when home cleaning professionals come for routine cleaning.

The bacteria or enzyme digester produces a lot of ammonia while breaking down the stain. This is done to make a super alkaline solution that interferes with the action of the digester. The spot may need to be neutralized with a cup of vinegar and warm water. It should be kept for 4 hours. Once this is over, rinse the area and apply a fresh coat of enzyme/bacteria solution.

In this manner, you can remove fresh pet stains from any area that is accident prone like sofas, beds, stone floors etc. However, if the process is too hard for you, you should call specialists like Select Home Cleaning to do the job for you.

About Select Home Cleaning
Select Home Cleaning is a professional house cleaning company in New Zealand providing services to Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch, Auckland and Sydney. This home cleaning company is well-known in these areas for its credible and top quality house cleaning services at affordable rates. Besides pet stains, Select Home Cleaning also cleans everything on residential and commercial premises. No task is hard for them. Their team has proper training in the latest technology and use sophisticated equipment to keep your premises spick and span. Call them today for efficient home cleaning- they are happy to serve you anytime!

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