Thursday, 30 July 2015

Easy Spring Cleaning Tips from Select Home Cleaning in New Zealand

Keeping your office or home neat and clean is a challenge during the spring season. Select Home Cleaning- a professional home cleaning company in New Zealand- gives you the following easy spring cleaning ideas to remove clutter, clean the rooms to perfection and get your house or office in order this spring. Spruce up, clean up, and make your spring cleaning easy and safe with these handy tips:
  • Before starting the cleaning, make sure that you have collected all the cleaning equipment and supplies, so you don’t have to run here and there spoiling the cleaning process.  Do the spring cleaning in a systematic pattern around the room – always cleaning from the top of the room to the bottom and from one side to the other to avoid having to clean the same area repeatedly and to reduce net cleaning time.
  • Spring season brings the nuisance of pollen from all varieties of flowering plants which can create health problems for yourself and family members. Use this easy step to remove pollen: gently press a piece of sticky tape to the pollen mark and lift it off; never try to brush it, it’ll spread all over the place.
  • Avoid marble countertops getting stained by buffing it with car polish that’ll create a thin coat of protective covering.   Use damp rubber gloves to easily pick up pet hair from clothes and upholstery.
  • Try to keep the home office neat and orderly as you use it, otherwise clutter will pile up there and you’ll then need a full-scale spring cleaning. Whatever things lying in a room for sometime are sure to gather dust and dirt which will attract harmful germs and become their breeding grounds. Try to set a place or keep a container to store the stuff you need to keep.
  • Bathroom tiles get more stains during the spring season. When you are using the shower, keep the exhaust fan and windows open; this prevents mould formation. Check the shower rack and dispose items you do not need. The same should be done under the sink too. Keep your bathroom free from clutter. If you live in a region where there is a lot of humidity, remember to wipe surfaces to curb mildew and stains caused by water.
  • The patio is going to be used a lot by you during the springtime. You will spend a lot of time outdoors with your dear ones and also may host parties. The result is your furniture needs cleaning regularly. Use only some gentle detergents for this purpose. Give the furniture a good scrub and wipe them clean. In case you find rust on the furniture, use sandpaper and rinse. You should paint outdoor decor to make it look as good as new. Paints will also protect outside furniture from spring rains.

If you don’t succeed in conquering your home office clutter or find it difficult to do satisfactory spring clean this season, take it easy and go for trusted home cleaners in New Zealand like Select Home Cleaning for affordable and better spring cleaning.  The professionals here are doing spring cleaning for so many years and know exactly what to do. They make it pretty fast and in an affordable way for you. They provide spring cleaning services in Wellington, Tauranga, Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch. Contact Select Home Cleaning today to get a quote for a full-house spring clean or packages such as spring clean up for kitchen, bathrooms etc. 

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