Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Do You Face the Issue of Stuck Windows in Your Home?

There can be many reasons for windows to get stuck and not opening properly, blocking fresh air and scenic views. An inoperative window on a hot summer day can wreak havoc in your home. Find below some methods to fix a window stuck firmly closed. Remember, like any other equipment or things in your home, windows also need timely checks and maintenance. Ensure to k
eep your windows in good condition and extend their longevity.

Single and Double Hung Windows
There can be a build-up of dust, dirt, debris, grime and even dead insects inside the tracks of single and double hung windows. This can cause the window hard to open as the dust and other particles create friction, making it difficult for the windows to slide up or down.
Cleaning the window tracks thoroughly and then applying some lubricants will solve the issue.

Windows Kept Shut for Sometime
If the windows are kept shut for few months, it may become very tight and difficult to open fully. Use a wide wood chisel on a block of wood as a fulcrum to pivot on throughout the motion and you’ll find that the window is not stuck anymore. Check if there is the presence of any flaking paint. Remove paint flakes and neatly clean out the channel to avoid the window sticking again.

Paint Can be the Villain
If you are eager to free a window stuck with paint, try removing dried paint particles that might be remaining between the window and its frame.
There may be fixed or operable sash for the windows. Dislodge most of the loose, rotted wood with the help of a chisel. Run a knife along the seam between the window sash and frame, slicing carefully through any layers of paint covering the seam. Check whether you can open the window now. If it’s not opening, then try to move the stuck window sash using a wide putty knife inserted into the seam. Tap the knife with a hammer to break any seals between the frame and the sash. Most probably the window will open now. After opening the window, clean away the loose paint and do opening and closing 2or 3 times.

Casement Windows
Casement windows may get stuck when its gear mechanism becomes faulty. Never exert too much pressure while opening or closing the window as it’s the main cause of the gear getting damaged. Loose or stripped screws on the gear casing can also cause the windows to get stuck and very difficult to operate. Find out if there are loose hinges that lead to the sash being out of alignment. If you’re not able to fix it, better call a home maintenance service contractor.

Sliding Windows
When facing with difficulties to open a sliding window freely, first check whether there is any dirt or grime in the sliding track that doesn’t allow the sash sliding smoothly on the track. Clean the window thoroughly to remove all dust particles and spray some lubricant in the track.  If the problem is not solved, the problem may be with the rollers and you need to call an expert home maintenance company to fix the problem.
Same way dirt build-up in the grooves and a lack of lubrication can be the cause of vinyl windows becoming very hard to operate.

Other Issues
There can be other reasons too for windows getting hard-to-open. Always keep an eye on the windows- never overlook window maintenance. If you find that the windows won't open easily, try to fix the issue immediately.
Presence of moisture and mould can damage window frames. If the condition persists for a long time, wood frames may become rotten. Windows won’t be secure then for not being level within the frame and affecting its functionality. So, remember that the presence of a high percentage of humidity in your house can cause the windows to stick.
Routine house cleaning by a reputed home cleaner in New Zealand will help to get rid of several maintenance issues in your home. Prevention is always better than cure!

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