Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Some DIY User Guidelines for Your Kitchen and Home Appliances

Timely care on home appliances can save you costly maintenance issues later on. Let us look into simple care and DIY procedures that you’ll have to observe on a regular basis regarding all your home appliances, including fridge, washing machine, microwave, dishwasher etc.

Fridge and Freezers

Occasionally clean the door seals to remove dirt and mildew- this will ensure proper air sealing. Brittle or damaged seals will cause leaking of cool air. The result is more energy consumption and higher power bill! 

Check door seals for dirt & damage, and replace them if there are cracks, warps and damaged sections.  This will save power and enhance cooling performance. You can check the condition of a seal by closing the fridge door on a small piece of paper. If there is firm grip on the paper, the seal is working fine; otherwise it’s time to replace it.

How to Use Fridge and Freezer Cost-Effectively

If you are going away for vacation or other long breaks, don’t forget to switch off your fridge. Also remember to empty the fridge and thoroughly clean the fridge and freezer. Let its doors remain open to avoid moisture build up. If you have a second fridge for cool drinks, turn it off when not needed.

Ensure that the children are not spoiling your fridge. Its doors should not be opened frequently and kept opened for longer periods. This is to avoid leaking out of cool air otherwise your fridge will work for longer duration and consume more power.

Keep the fridge in a well ventilated space away from heat or direct sunlight. Don’t overfill your refrigerator; allow sufficient space for easy flow of cold air.

Microwaves, Oven/Stoves

Microwave should be cleaned after every use. There should not be any traces of food particles inside the oven. Salty spills can enter cracks and cause rusting, which will cost you dearly as repair may not be economical. Keep the door seal area clean and check the oven for damage as this can cause microwave leakage.

Check oven/stoves: Always refer manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your oven and hob. Check the hinges and door seals of oven/stoves for dirt and grease build up.


Use the manufacturer’s instructions to clean out the dishwasher filter and the seals on a regular basis. Run a damp cloth over the seals to clean the dirt.

Try to use the dishwasher when it’s full in order to save electricity and water.
Take out the dishwasher filter assembly and wash the internal filter under a running tap with the help of a plastic brush to remove the dirt. And for the bigger trap filter, just rinse it under hot water.

Dehumidifiers & Heaters

If you are using dehumidifier, ensure that its filter is cleaned from time to time. First dry out the filter and then use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to clean it.
When using room heaters follow safety instructions given in the care and maintenance manual. Keep heaters away from curtains or furniture to avoid fire incidents.   

Washing Machines

Ensure that you’re using the recommended detergent in correct quantity for the type of clothes you are using. Electrical problems may occur if excess foam is generated due to overuse of detergent.
Have a periodical check on the water fill hoses of the washing machine- there can be wear, damage, corroded fittings and leaks. If you find these signs on the hoses, immediately replace them to avoid further damage. 

Clothe Dryers

Check that there is no lint build-up as it may cause fire. Also keep it a point to clear the lint filter after each load so things will improve and it’ll take less time to dry the clothes.

Make sure that all the home appliances are well secured against toppling over in case of an earthquake. If you inspect them regularly and read the user manuals while attempting any repair or adjustment, you’ll not only prolong their life period, but improve their energy-efficient quality also. These maintenance practice notes are issued by the customer care team at Select HomeCleaning — your first choice in dependable & affordable award winning home cleaning services in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch.

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