Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Home Maintenance Checklist for Autumn Months

The weather is now excellent in this autumn season as
temperatures are a little cooler than summer. Here are a few home maintenance activities for March to May autumn months. Never use cleaning materials that are harmful to plants and animals. Make sure that the home cleaners use mostly Eco-Friendly products.


Caulking and weather-stripping - Check for worn caulking and weather-stripping around doors and windows. They are the ones that reduce entry of cold air into the home during winter. Cracked or worn weather stripping should be replaced with new stripping. Same way, worn and ragged caulking has to be removed and re-caulked with branded products. Properly weather-stripping the gaps will seal all air leaks and thus pay for itself in terms of energy savings.

Get rid of the clutter – Cluttered homes generally create tension and bring in negative energy. De-clutter your home efficiently. Never keep too many furniture in the living room. Magazines and newspapers are not to be piled up in the bedroom or living area, they have to be kept in the storeroom. Don’t pile up things on the coffee table! Clear, unimpeded traffic flow will keep your mind free and fresh, that’s why clutter shouldn’t be allowed at any place.

Neat and clean exterior - Remove piles of leaves and dirt in the courtyard and garden and prune back trees, shrubs & vines. Trees should not obstruct light from entering into your living room.


External surfaces - In addition to routine home cleaning and maintenance, give attention to clean the outside of the house in the month of April - Wash down all external surfaces including windows, driveways, and fencing etc.

Fire Alarms - Check all smoke and fire alarms when turning the clock ahead for Daylight Savings. Change the batteries of the alarms if necessary.

Tree-planting - After thoroughly cleaning the garden, make sure to plant seeds & bulbs for spring and summer fruiting. April is the ideal time to do that.


Clean gutters - Replace old or damaged gutters with new ones. Better to purchase gutters with built-in leaf guards. Never compromise on quality regarding gutters, and drains etc. as there are plenty of cheap varieties available in the market. Take only the good quality products.

Clean fireplace & wood burners - In the fall, it’s advised to have your chimney inspected by a home cleaning expert and give it a professional cleaning. Ensure that all the ash from the fireplace and any stuck on stuff on the walls and the bottom of the fireplace are completely removed. Once the cleaning is over, inspect it for yourself and see to it that everything is sparkling clean.

Clear autumn leaves & dead wood - Rather than calling a landscaper or a house cleaning company to do the fall leaf cleanup, it’s recommended to do the task by the DIY route! The reason is cleaning of the autumn leaves and dead wood is not a onetime process. As leaves will be falling regularly covering a longer period of time, the cleaning has to be done two or three times. With proper tools and a well thought-out plan, leaf cleanup won’t be a difficult task for you and the family members.
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