Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Speed Cleaning Your Home- Quick Tips!

Let’s look at a 10-minute quick house cleaning procedure you can follow if you hear that some guests are coming within a short notice. 
First of all clean those areas they most likely will see.

Grab a laundry basket and collect all loose items strewn around in the main living space. Next, go to the bathroom and clean the sink and wash basin with liquid soap and dry it with a clean cloth. Mildly spray some cleaner on the mirror and wipe it out. Take a wipe and clean the exterior of the toilet seat and sprinkle some toilet cleaner inside. 

Same way do some quick cleaning around the kitchen too. Collect all loose items on a laundry basket and hide them somewhere! And put all the unclean dishes in the dishwasher. Spray a cleaner on the countertop and wipe it out with a rag to make it glittering. And finally dust and wipe the surfaces if you have the time- wet rag dusting will be fine to save time.

How about keeping a home cleaning kit? 
Anytime the requirement may come to wipe down quickly. Include bottles of all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, a disinfectant, and a collection of cleaning items like sponge, roll of disposable cleaning cloths, paper towel, microfiber cloth, and even used toothbrush etc. in the cleaner tray or basket. You may also a use a cleaner’s caddy to store these things nicely. Keep the cleaning kit thus prepared at some convenient place safely away from toddlers.
Take this cleaning kit with you as you move around starting from one end of the house and clean room to room.

Putting things in their proper place
Make it a daily practice, and include your family members too. Guide the children where all the scattered things will go. When all are contributing to put the things in their places in the hall and other rooms, it’ll be pretty quick to complete the home cleaning task.

Use a cleaning liquid made out of dish soap & white vinegar and rub down the tub, countertops and shower. Afterwards clean everything with fresh water and wipe down. 

Kitchen cleaning
Greasy residue and soap scum in the kitchen area can be cleaned with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol. Any number of repeated scrubbing and scouring greasy kitchen splatters won’t clean it perfectly unless you use rubbing alcohol.

Spray the bench tops and stovetop with suitable cleaners and wipe down. And for the microwave, do the following: Add about 1cm each of vinegar and water into a coffee cup and put it into the microwave and turn on for 2 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the cup and give the microwave a wipe. The trick here is that the vinegar steam will have lifted off any gunk and made the cleaning easy. 

However, for thorough cleaning of your house in a hygienic way, you need to go for a deep scrub of everything, and even more! Things like dusting the skirting boards, cleaning out under the fridge, removing stains from floor tiles etc. have to be done occasionally to keep your home germ free. For this, remember, there are no shortcuts to practical and perfect house cleaning.  No other way to do it than calling professional home cleaners in New Zealand who are affordable and customer-friendly.

Contact Select Cleaning now and escape from the tiring work of weekly or fortnightly home cleaning you would normally do. Main home cleaning works done by Select Cleaning are:
  • Vacuuming all floors
  • Dusting surfaces
  • Spot cleaning marks around doors & switches
  • Washing all hard floors
  • Cleaning all kitchen surfaces
  • Completely cleaning bathrooms and toilets
  • Additional works can be done like cleaning inside the fridge or oven. 

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