Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Home Improvements- How to Fix Squeaky Floors

If you are not a technically skilled person, even minor repairs such as replacing tap washers or fixing a leak can become tedious job if you’re attempting DIY methods. Sometimes things may get worsened, ending up damaging the tap itself! Same thing also may happen when you attempt minor repairs on electrical or electronic appliances, lightings, and switches etc. But don’t worry; you’re not alone in this category!

You may be a qualified computer wizard, an artist or banker etc. and you know that each profession needs its own expertise. Works such as plumbing, house cleaning, electrical repair etc. are also qualified professions which need to be done by respective tradesmen. If a House Officer tries to repair his computer, you know that the end result can be disastrous!

Annoying Creaky Floorboards

Squeaky floorboards are a nasty disturbance for everybody in the home as it creates that irritating noise whenever someone walks around. This can happen in both older and modern homes. Squeaking of floorboards is a sign that the boards are rubbing against each other because loose nails may be allowing the boards to move or the shrinking of wood has created a small gap for movement.

If the squeaking board and its adjacent ones seem springy, the joists below may be defective, and you need an expert hand to make it alright.  Repairing a creaky wooden floor is not a major repair work if you can get the best home maintenance professionals in the town. A qualified carpenter can fix this issue quite affordably. So don’t carry on suffering those annoying creaks and strained noises any more.

Your hardwood or carpeted flooring will not get any damage if the repair work is carried out by verified technicians. Search the internet for flooring specialists and check their websites to shortlist a few. Also visit their social media pages and listen to testimonials and customer feedback to finalise a service provider. You may also take free quote from two standard companies to compare the prices, and checking the quality of materials they use for decking and flooring.

For home cleaning and maintenance works, always rely on those service providers who are known for high quality craft and customer service.

At the same time let’s say, if you have some technical abilities and like to do small repair works for yourself, you can always try DIY methods where you’re confident. See what a house owner did when he realised that people won’t take his home for rent because the floor is squeaky and really annoying. He used a drill and screwed some small self tapping screws in the joints of the squeaking boards and found that the disturbing creaky noise has gone forever! But when squeak occurs due to shrinkage gaps and joint stiffness, it’s better to use glued joint than drilling down the screws.

If the squeaky noise is small, inspect the floorboards closely. If you’re lucky, you’ll find that the cause may be due to rubbing of the boards against each other. In that case, apply some talcum powder along the seam where the boards are rubbing and then walk few steps on the floorboards for the powder to set in and eliminate the disturbing noise.

Advantage of Getting Acquainted with Select Cleaning Professionals

If you’re calling a repair service for fixing squeaky and creaky floors, ensure that they do lifting and relaying the carpets before and after the screw down and repair. One thing you can do is to call the customer care team of Select Home Cleaning on 0800 000 907 and talk about your requirement. Select Cleaning do general house cleaning service in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch, and because they’re in the home cleaning sector for so many years, they can also get your home maintenance works done by authentic service providers who are well known to them.

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