Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Checklist for Homeowners to Keep Their Properties Well Maintained

Everything from regular home cleaning and preventative care to repairs and replacements can be termed as home maintenance. It’s good to get reliable, practical information on common house maintenance problems, their causes, and possible solutions.

Though Do-It-Yourself house maintenance is favoured by many New Zealanders, it’s necessary to know when you should go for DIY methods and when it’s time to call a professional. Inspect your property regularly and readily do the repairs on time. Keep with you the contact details of affordable home cleaners and plumbers etc. in New Zealand so as to call them promptly in case there are maintenance issues which you can’t do yourself.

Let’s check some of the important aspects of home maintenance that’ll help you to keep your home healthy & safe:
  • Understand the common preventive maintenance requirements of all areas in your house to avoid some problems from occurring- timely gutter cleaning, opening the windows regularly for proper ventilation, occasionally checking the roof cladding etc. are some examples of preventive maintenance works.
  • Small repairs should be addressed at the right time to prevent them from becoming large maintenance issues. This way you can save money by fixing problems before they get bigger.
  • Suppose some damage has occurred in a rental property, or there is need for repairs, you should have a clear understanding of the situation as to who should make the fixing done and pay the bills.
  • Know your limitations while trying DIY maintenance practices. Remember to take the help of a professional service provider to do important maintenance works in your home.
  • Another serious issue with houses in New Zealand is dampness inside the house. A damp home is not a healthy home as the moisture getting collected indoors can cause diseases. It’s to be prevented by properly insulating, ventilating and heating your home. If there are leaks in the house, they must be repaired promptly and thoroughly by a professional.
  • If there is presence of large deposits of mould and water stains in the kitchen or bathrooms, an expert home cleaner in New Zealand should be contacted for permanent solution.   
  • Inspect your home’s cladding regularly for signs of water getting in. Consult a professional if you are not sure about the maintenance requirements of roof cladding. 
  • Regularly clean guttering and spouting (at least once a year!) as leaves can easily collect and block them. Also ensure that the drainage outlets on enclosed decks and balconies are not clogged by fallen leaves and other items. Trees near to your house are to be trimmed regularly to minimise this issue.
  • Blocked and damaged drains can cause flooding unless you call professional drain cleaners on time.  
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