Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Dealing with Leaky Pipes and Other Home Cleaning Issues

Leaky pipes can cause damage to your home if they are not taken care of in a proper manner. Water leaks are always a headache as it can cause flooding, mould and other issues. When you’re not taking professional help on time for house cleaning and water leak issues, you may risk long term damages to your property.

Check Your Water Taps Regularly

One should know the location of meter tap, or toby, which shuts off main water supply to your property. This is necessary to quickly switch it off in case of an emergency. It’s a good idea to know where your meter taps are before an emergency strikes.

Did you know that screw-down taps turn off in a clockwise direction?! Check and ensure that the meter tap is working properly or else call the water authority personnel who are responsible for repairing it. 

Also check for corrosion, stiffness and leakage on the controlling water taps to dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, and other appliances in the kitchen. Any leakage in the mains pressure hot water units and toilet pipes are to be referred to professional plumbers.

Dripping taps or showers in addition to wasting lot of water can also make the sink or bath susceptible to staining. Did you know that a dripping water tap wastes over 70L of water a day? And hot water leakage will cost you dearly.

You can try DIY methods for minor leaks, but it’s good to always seek the advice of your plumber or plumbing retailer before dealing with complicated dripping tap issues.

Leaking Waste Water Pipes

Consider any leaks from the bath, shower or sink waste pipes as serious issues which need timely attention. These leaky waste pipes could damage the foundation structure of your house and will eventually lead to the formation of dampness in the house due to excessive moisture build-up.

More House Cleaning Tips
  • Some people think that a dishwasher needs no particular washing or cleaning because it itself is a ‘washer’! But the truth is that the dishwasher forms an ideal place for the growth of fungi and black yeast, so you need to clean it thoroughly at least once in a month. You can use vinegar to clean the inside of dishwasher. Take a dishwasher-safe cup and pour some vinegar into it before placing it on the top rack of the empty dishwasher. Then run the dishwasher at a hot temperature setting for a full cycle to clean it perfectly of microbes.
  • It is a false notion that wearing gloves means you are safe from harmful bacteria. If you are not keeping the gloves clean enough, beware that they may be hoarding colonies of bacteria. Keep the gloves clean and dry when you’re not using them, and change them once in a month. Gloves have to be treated for about 15 minutes in a solution of hot water mixed with 2 spoons of vinegar.
  • Some people use more cleaning soap thinking that it’ll yield better result. But actually it’s the contrary. More soap is always harmful. Uncleaned soap particles in the clothes, hands and dishes can cause the growth of bacteria. Rinse clothes well enough to remove all soap residue and ensure that they are completely dry before use.
  • Don’t assume that disease causing bacteria are present more in the toilets than other places in the house. In fact, there is high percentage of bacteria concentration on the most used home items such as door handles, television remotes, microwave buttons, and light switches etc. than on your toilet seat. One may also find larger colonies of bacteria in the refrigerator and dish cloths than in the bathrooms. So, give greater attention to those places where there are more germs. Use a disinfectant wipe to clean all those electronic items mostly shared in the home.

Regarding home maintenance, it is good to remember the saying- A stitch in time saves nine! A leaky, unclean home can be a major worry to you. Never hesitate to call professional home cleaners and plumbers when you spot some issues.

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