Friday, 19 June 2015

Cleaning Brass Materials Properly and Maintaining Their Sheen Is Not an Easy Task

Select Home Cleaning is a trusted house cleaning Company in New Zealand. It enjoys the patronage of residential owners for its quality service and affordable prices. The cleaners here are police-checked and also they are highly skilled in their work. Today, Select Home Cleaning will give you some unique tips on how to clean brass and keep home decor items shiny and well-maintained. 

An insight into brass items and their cleaning 
Brass is a lovely metal and it is a wonderful form of expression to bring your home alive. It is an alloy made of copper and zinc. The amounts of each alloy have been adjusted depending on the intended use of the item. There are many homeowners who are collectors of brass items. Brass can be used for mirror frames, cookware, vases, fittings, candlesticks and more. Brass like silver and other common metals tarnishes fast. It is important for you to have professional home cleaners to remove the stains on brass fittings and keep them shining. They will determine whether your brass item is solid brass or brass plated. The procedures for cleaning these two types are different.

Difference between solid brass and brass plated items 
There is an interesting difference between solid brass and brass plated items-

Take a small magnet and place it on the brass piece. If the magnet falls, the piece is solid brass. If the magnet sticks, the item is brass plated and what you think as tarnish is rust!Yes, the tarnish you see is rust and only home cleaning professionals using top quality steel wool can remove the rust. After the rust has been removed, the item needs to be repainted.

Once home cleaners worked on the brass piece, it is important for you to protect it from tarnishing in the future. You can rub the brass with good quality mineral oil. This will bring out the shine and break nasty marks. The oil should be applied to a dry cloth and rub the item accordingly. Mineral oil will stop the oxidation process and the item will look brighter and needs less polishing.

Tips to maintain the cleanliness of brass materials 
After the initial cleaning of your brass item, you can make it stay clean and shining by using any of the following techniques: 

1. Once the brass item has been cleaned and shined, you may use car wax to maintain the sheen of the item and help curb the tarnish. This application of car wax ideally lasts for four to six months. The duration of the shine depends upon the weather in the area.

2. You can ask your home cleaner to have the brass piece lacquered professionally. This however, is not a permanent solution as when cleaning is needed, the old lacquer has to be removed first.

Remember, brass is a beautiful accent to your home. It is important for you to keep it clean and maintain its sheen. This task should be entrusted to professional home cleaners who know the correct cleaning procedures and keep your brass items good looking forever! For more information, talk to a cleaning professional right now: 0800 000 907.

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