Sunday, 14 June 2015

Things to Remember Before Hiring a Home Cleaning Service

House cleaning may be a burdensome business for you. If you are an average house hold dealing with family, work and other routines, cleaning your home properly is a challenge and it is sure you sooner avoid it.

As there are many house cleaning service companies cropping up globally ready to do the cleaning work, it may be an overwhelming task for you to choose and hire an appropriate house cleaning service at an affordable cost. However, with good understanding and simple thumb rules you can pick up the best option.

What should you know about a home cleaning service? What are the things to be considered before hiring a cleaning service? Given below are the tips to be taken for consideration when appointing a home cleaning service in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch.

Interview about their potential cleaning service: When hiring a big company, ask whether they will depute the same person consistently on all the days, or do they depute them in rotation. There are pros and cons in both the ways.    

Check whether the Home Cleaning Company is insured and licensed: Will they do the replacement for the breakages done by them. Or will they take the responsibility in repairing it? If the service personnel get wounded or hurt who has to take care of it? Select Home Cleaning guarantees you the peace of mind, and safeguards your possessions with their police checked, highly reliable honest home cleaners servicing Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton,Wellington, Christchurch etc.

Define the scope: Fix the duration of the cleaning service, whether weekly, bi-monthly or one time cleaning. Mention the areas to be cleaned, such as top shelf, furniture, lampshades, refrigerator, under cushions, windows and doors casements, dog-snot, mode of kitchen floor washing,  mop or hands, dusting the base board etc.

Verify that the pricing is free of any hidden costs: Before hiring, get the confirmation that there are no other hidden costs involved in this service. Select Home Cleaning is a dependable and affordable home cleaning service that can do it with utmost care. 

Get details about the cleaning products: Get clarify whether they clean using swiffer on the furniture or use spray and wipe the dust. Some people do not like to spray anything on the furnishings. Vinegar may be excellent cleaner, but it may spoil the marble floor. Select Home Cleaning uses appropriate environment friendly cleaning products for perfect cleaning.

Discuss with them and get the details of the number of home cleaners coming to your home: Instead of having a single person to do it all the whole day, you can have more number of persons to complete it within a short duration. 

Decide your presence at home when they are cleaning: Most of the companies give their arrival time frame and you have to block that time to be at home. However, you can also consider giving the key to the service if you are not at home during their service time.

Do not be afraid to give the instructions to the hiring service. It may seem uncomfortable initially, but you have to guide them on the areas important to you.  Be firm and clear what you need to be done. Treat them with courteous, respect and this relationship will be of great benefit to you. Select Home Cleaning is the first choice for you to have affordable, reliable award winning perfect home cleaning services. Call us for your free quote now: 0800 000 907.

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