Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Quick, Easy and Eco-friendly House Cleaning Ideas

Several years of experience in the home cleaning sector combined with the willingness to employ new technologies only can make a cleaning service reliable and efficient. Double check the details before booking your house clean.

Today we’re providing you some home cleaning tips and tricks which will help you a lot in daily housekeeping routines.

Cleaning your floors and bathroom

Firstly, sprinkle some cleaning powder over the tile surface so that it covers all the grimy grout. Take white vinegar and water in fifty-fifty proportion in a spray bottle and spray over the tile floor. Now scrub the surface with a wet cleaning brush to form a paste on the tile and grout.

The powder, spray solution, and water will combine to loosen all dirt and grime. Wipe down the surface after 5-10 minutes to see that your dingy tile and grout have attained a new look. This method can also be used to clean counters, cabinet fronts and soap scum in the shower.

While cleaning granite, marble or other natural stone countertops, never use a cleaning solution, which contains vinegar, bleach, or acidic substances like lemon and orange. These substances will break down the countertop's sealant and make it vulnerable to stains.

Toilet cleaning

Pour two cups of coca cola into the toilet bowl and around the rim of the bowl, and leave it overnight to get the best cleaning result. The carbonic, citric, and phosphoric acids in the coke can break down the built-up stains.

Finally, you can finish up the toilet cleaning with a spray and wipe down with undiluted hydrogen peroxide.

Mould menace

Minimise mould formation in your house with the help of clove oil.  Take one litre of water in a bucket and add three drops of clove oil. Use this solution to wipe down mould affected areas and get rid of the menace as clove oil destroys mould spores.

Oven cleaning – make your own natural oven cleaner

Baking soda can be effectively used to clean your oven in a safe, natural way. Spray the whole oven down with a water bottle so that it is damp, and pour on a thick layer of baking soda, especially on the bottom, until there is about a quarter inch layer of baking soda paste on the bottom.

Make sure that the oven is off during this cleaning process. Let the baking soda paste remain like that for a few hours to loosen the grime in the oven. You can engage yourself in other works during that time. Now when you come back, wipe up the paste with a cloth and all the grime comes with it. Sometimes you may need to repeat the entire process for a really dirty oven with stubborn grime. Ensure that no traces of baking soda are left inside the oven once your cleaning is over.

Handy home tips
  • The tops and creases of Roman blinds can be effectively cleaned using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.
  • Remove dead skin cells from mattress by vacuuming it, giving special attention to piping and crevices. This will prevent dust mite infestation.
  • Does the smell of garlic stick around on your hands? Remove the smell completely by first rubbing your hands against a stainless steel sink and then washing with soap.
  • Apply a dab of nail varnish on the top thread or onto the stem of the thread of a button on your dress and leave to dry. This way you can prevent the buttons from becoming loose or undone.

Select your home cleaner wisely 

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