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Cleaning Guidelines from Your Favourite House Cleaning Service in New Zealand

Regular home cleaning services with affordable rates are available in New Zealand for people who need help maintaining their clean home on a weekly basis. Select Cleaning is one such quality service, which provides regular inside cleaning of homes- all bathrooms and toilets, all kitchen surfaces, all floors vacuumed & mopped and all dusting.

Watch a Speed Cleaning Training video from SelectCleaning to learn the basics of speed cleaning and how to effectively dust and spot clean a room. It shows a lounge but applies to every room in a house except the kitchen and bathrooms, which are described in separate videos: Kitchen Cleaning & Bathroom & Toilet cleaning.

General home cleaning & maintenance tips

Let’s discuss some Do’s and Don’ts pertaining to cleaning up mercury spills in your house. Mercury is a dangerous toxic substance. Mercury spill can occur through thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs, or mercury-containing thermostats.

If the mercury spill is around a quarter teaspoon or less, you can manage it by yourself. However, if the spill is more, inform professional hazardous waste disposal companies to clean it up. The mercury spill is harmful because it easily evaporates at room temperature and cause health issues if the vapour is inhaled.

Don’ts with mercury spill
  • A vacuum cleaner or common broom if used to clean the mercury spill can cause it to break into smaller drops. This will further aggravate the problem as mercury droplets will evaporate faster and quickly spread in the room, increasing the chance of more people inhaling it. 
  • Avoid using household cleaning products to remove the mercury spill. The chlorine or ammonia present in the cleaners will chemically react with mercury and produce toxic gases.
  • Don’t pour mercury down a drain. It can get lodged in the ‘p’ traps and evaporate in the room or clog your plumbing and pollute the septic system or wastewater treatment plants.
  • Never wash mercury-contaminated clothing or sponges; instead put them in a plastic bag and seal for disposal.

Do’s for cleaning up mercury

If a fluorescent bulb is broken, do the following:
  • Clear the room of people, especially children, and pets. Now ventilate the area at once. Respiratory protection may not be necessary as the bulbs contain only small amounts of mercury.
  • Shut off the heater or air conditioning system to avoid the mercury-contaminated air moving to other areas.
  • Do not touch the mercury droplets with your hand, use rubber gloves. Take out glass and metal pieces with the help of a cardboard piece. The mercury should not be allowed to evaporate, so put the breakage into a glass jar with a lid or a sealable plastic bag. Smaller pieces of debris with mercury beads can be scooped up using a sticky tape. Put everything in the glass jar or bag for disposing off.
  • Any leftover mercury droplets or glass dust can be spotted using a flashlight as they reflect light. Search the entire room for traces of mercury, which can move far on hard flat surfaces. 

Removing mould and mildew in the shower

Worried about the gross gunk that builds up in your shower?

Add one cup of hot water into a mixture of one cup each of baking soda and borax. When it becomes a runny paste, scrub and rinse to get rid of mildew and mould build up in your bathroom. Gunk in front of sinks & stove can also be effectively cleaned using this baking soda-borax paste.

It is certain that Select Home cleaners do a pretty good job, and you can confirm it by going through the testimonials from their clients. 

Select Cleaning are confident of their service, which is why they’re proud to offer cent percent guarantee. In case you have any concerns about the quality of the cleaning, please contact your cleaner immediately. They guarantee to fix any problems on the next visit or you will get the next clean for free. Call them now on 0800 000 907 for your free quote.

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