Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Make Your Cleaning Time As Productive As Possible with Handy Home Tips

Nearly one-third of rental properties were assessed as 'poorly maintained' in a recent building industry survey undertaken by the Building Research Association of New Zealand(BRANZ). The survey had rated one fifth of New Zealand housing stock as poorly maintained - one third of rental housing falls in this category, compared to 14% of owner-occupied houses.  With the owner-occupied houses, about 48% were judged to be 'well-maintained'.

It was reported that the BRANZ survey inspected 560 homes across the country and assessed each property's condition and defects, both internally and externally.

Postponing timely home maintenance can cause minor repairs to become big problems over time, which requires more expensive procedure to finally fix.

Standard home cleaning services are available in New Zealand, which won’t cost you much. Only thing to remember that you should check the credentials of the cleaner you’re hiring. Visit their website and read testimonials of their clients; also read all the contract terms, guarantee, safety etc.

Given below are some smart tricks for easy housekeeping, brought to you by Select Cleaning, the top home cleaners in New Zealand:
  1. Price-sticker residue on homewares can be completely removed with the help of a paper towel and any readily available oil in your kitchen such as sunflower or olive. Apply the oil onto the paper towel and place it over the sticker residue. The gunk will be softened after sometime and then you can remove it completely by rubbing.  
  2. While handling furniture, you might have spoiled your costly carpet with dents. Don’t worry; these indentations can be made alright by placing an ice cube onto the spot and leaving it overnight. Next day you’ll find that the dents have covered completely with the ice treatment. If some fibres are still not straightened, raise them using a fork.     
  3. A tape barrier can effectively stop ants entering your home and food cupboards. Take a double-sided tape and line your windows and entranceways to prevent the ant menace.
  4. Easy way to keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up: Rub a dry bar of soap lightly onto the surface and buff it in with a cloth to see crystal clear mirror. Another trick to prevent bathroom mirrors, glass doors and windshields from fogging up is to lather the glass surface with shaving cream, then wiping it clean with a towel.
  5. A simple trick to make your candle last longer is to place it in the freezer before use- freezing time for thicker pillar candles is around seven hours while it needs just an hour for thin candles. The science behind this technique is that freezing makes the candles melt more slowly.  
  6. Want to get rid of musty odour in your fabric couch? Sprinkle some baking soda on the couch and leave for a few minutes before you vacuum it. The baking soda absorbs odours from fabrics. 
  7. To remove stains from mattress, follow this method: apply a mix of quarter cup hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon each of dishwasher detergent and table salt on the stain mark. Rub in before scraping away.
  8. When you’re cleaning dusty blades of ceiling fans, use an old pillowcase, which will prevent dust and debris falling on the floor. 
  9. Clean a burnt iron with salt. Put five spoons of table salt on a cotton cloth; lay the cloth on the ironing board and then iron over on the cotton setting, till all traces of the scorch marks are gone. Turn off and allow cooling completely, and then wipe the iron's sole plate with a damp cloth.

Use these handy home tips for day to day housekeeping. And for regular home cleaning, always depend on professionals. You may contact Select Cleaning now on 0800 000 907 for guaranteed home cleaning service in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton.

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