Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Autumn Cleaning and Home Maintenance Tips

While autumn is the best time to go for trekking, cycling or fly fishing, it’s also the ideal time to clean out the rain gutters from autumn leaves and debris. As you watch autumn’s last leaves fall, beware of the damage it can cause - these leaves clog your gutters and send water into your home. However, if you don’t have the time to clean the gutters or don’t want to pay house gutter cleaners, try installing quality gutter protectors which stop leaves and debris etc. from entering your gutters.  

Autumn season is the right time to give the deck and patio some face-lift. If you have a wood deck, you should consider giving it a bath before it goes for seasonal hibernation in the rains or snow. This is to avoid mould and fungi growing and staining the wooden surface. Brick or concrete patios also need thorough cleaning and if possible apply some concrete or sand seal at worn out joints and cracks.

When you turn the clocks forward and back, remember one more thing- do the functional check on fire alarms. Change their batteries as needed. Also remove all dust and dirt accumulated in the alarms with the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner.

Autumn is also the right time to collect and store enough firewood for the burner. And if you see that your mud yard is slippery, make an alternate brick pathway to the mailbox or boundary wall before the onslaught of rain or snow. Similarly, inspect and fill the cracks on the sidewalks and driveways now, or they may get larger and damage the driveway when water seeps inside the small cracks and freezes during the winter.    

General home cleaning and maintenance tips

There are two basic organisational tips: 1. Maintain a place for everything; 2. Inculcate the habit of removing things that are no longer in use.

Stains on plastic cutting boards: Sprinkle some rock salt into a cut lemon; now use it to clean the cutting boards, you’ll see that all the stains have gone!

Barbecue cleaning: This cut lemon with salt also works fine to clean your barbecue. First, heat the grill up to a high temperature, and then wipe it clean with the half lemon and salt.

Bathroom & toilet cleaning: If you see mould growth on the caulk between the bath tub and tiles, make it a habit to clean the area with white vinegar.

For stubborn toilet stains, clean it with the help of a good quality bowl cleaner solution and a pumice stick. 

Home Cleaning Service providers in New Zealand

Select Clean professional home cleaners- the security cleared, owner operators- are insured, and trained on latest technology in the house cleaning industry.

Everybody knows that cleaning a house at times is very stressful. Let Select Cleaning in New Zealand take away that stress from you as their cleaners can come in and do all the normal weekly or fortnightly cleaning tasks with more technical precision than you would normally do. 

Select Clean's routine cleaning service include: vacuuming all floors, dusting surfaces, spot cleaning marks around doors and switches, washing all hard floors, cleaning all kitchen surfaces, and completely cleaning bathrooms & toilets. They can also do the little extras like inside the fridge or oven.  

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