Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Home Design Trends and the House Cleaning Industry

Our homes not only give us shelter but provide happiness and the joy of living as we look at it as sanctuaries- places where we feel safe and nurtured.

Interior experts say there will be more people renovating, decorating and beautifying their houses in the coming years, turning them into passionate and stylish homes. This makes the home cleaning task more sophisticated and burdensome for the home owners, and so there will be more work for professional cleaning services.

Modern day kitchens have evolved into social hubs and are considered as the nerve centre of the home, even more so than the living rooms.  From cooking and entertaining to planning and socialising, most of our daily activities are happening in and around the kitchen. It is thus clear that all latest design trends and new appliances are first coming into the kitchen.    

Even though the home cleaning industry as a whole suffered revenue loss during the recession period, it has bounced back since 2015 as unemployment and office vacancy rates saw steady declining trends. The cleaning service will further expand its horizon as strong economic growth (boosted by job growth) is predicted for the next 5 years, by economic analysts.

However, there is high risk in the cleaning industry as cleaning companies in general lose up to 55% of their customer base every year due to poor service. That’s why Select Clean makes it mandatory for its cleaners to be 100% quality oriented. During the training process, we advise every cleaner that the cleaning activities they do sincerely and perfectly may go unnoticed for years, but a single bad job will get reported instantly and affect their reputation.

Home cleaning tips
Cherry wood kitchen cabinets can be nicely cleaned with any standard dish soap. You should clean them once in a month or even fortnightly as the dirt accumulation is directly proportional to the number of times you cook and how often you use your kitchen.  Sometimes it’s OK to clean the cabinets once a season. The key point here is to check how grimy your wooden cabinets are getting.

If you have laminate flooring and stone flooring, remember that both need separate cleaning procedures. Avoid wet-washing the laminate ones frequently.  When they are wet-washed, use either white vinegar or ammonia only, not soap, abrasives or wax-based products.
To get rid of ink stains on cloths or rugs, try rubbing alcohol on the ink stains. For ink stains on carpets, apply a paste of cornstarch and milk to lift the stains.

Tired and bored of cleaning the household chores? Try tricking your children into home cleaning! Show them different cleaning products such as gloves, face masks etc. and some hands on activity on cleaning equipment under your supervision. If you can cleverly and properly manage it, it’ll be fun!

Stubborn stains on your carpets or rugs can be removed by brushing the spots with a toothbrush sprayed with a good quality stain-removing spray. 

If you have pets, house cleaning assumes great significance due to hygienic issues. Allergy and other problems can be caused due to the presence of fur, flakes of skin, dirt, dog drool, pet urine etc. In such a situation, it is a must that you should maintain your home germ-free and perfectly clean.  Only a reputed home cleaning service in New Zealand can ensure that you can enjoy life with pets without any health issues. Also use more pet-friendly upholstery and fewer rugs in your home interior decor.

Need some help with cleaning your home efficiently?
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