Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Home Cleaning in New Zealand – Trends and Cleaning Needs in Today’s World

A recent household survey conducted in New Zealand revealed that over 26% of the respondents (irrespective of whether employed or not) already have a regular home cleaner.

Hiring a house cleaner will make your family happier because the benefits are sure to outweigh the cost – interestingly, the actual cost could be less than what you expect. There is also the health benefit of getting enough sleep without any guilty conscience about keeping your house unclean and cluttered. 

The good sleep and relaxation you enjoy by hiring a professional home cleaner will tremendously improve your memory and attention, cutting inflammation and lowering stress levels, medical experts said.

The method used for cleaning shows a shift from traditional hand washing to appliance-supported cleaning procedures, but dirt, dust and stains still remain nightmares for majority of housewives, the survey further said. 

Life is in the fast lane, and consumers are moving in hyper-speed with their cleaning needs and preferences also changing accordingly. House designs are also changing - countertops made of natural stones and other hard surface materials have gained popularity, and wood floors started replacing carpets etc. - and this change in house design trends requires different cleaning materials and equipment.  In such a scenario, there is high demand for products that help to clean quickly and effectively, thereby reducing the time spent on house cleaning chores.

Advantages of hiring a home cleaning service in New Zealand

  • Fifty-eight percent of householders interviewed said they don’t spend enough time for social life. The time saved from home cleaning can then be utilised for mingling with close friends and family. What a great idea- it’ll simply solve many of the family problems and improve your overall health and social life.
  • When you leave the house cleaning to a verified cleaner, you can go jogging or visit a fitness club with the extra time in your hand. This will help you to get fit.
  • You may get tired during the cleaning process and end up in leaving the germs untouched in the fridge, oven or cabinets in your kitchen. However, the cleaning task undertaken by the Select Home Cleaners is their daily job, and their livelihood. They won’t make any shortcuts to it because on one side they are dedicated and have pride in their work, and on the other side, they know poor and incomplete cleaning will affect their career. Moreover, the professionals come with proper equipment and correct products for the job which make it a perfect job.
  • There are some places in the house you usually forget while cleaning, but the fresh eyes of an expert cleaner will definitely identify them straightaway and clean them as a routine.  
  • You can tidy up the rooms before the cleaner arrives so that precious time can be saved. It’s something like all the clutter from the carpets, TV set, kitchen countertops or the bed can be cleared of so that the professionals can concentrate mainly on the cleaning part. This will also make you more organised.
  • Enjoy your life. You have some extra time because you paid a service provider to do the cleaning and chores in your home. Now utilise that free time to do some hobbies you enjoyed the most but have been kept aside because of time restrictions.  Reading, writing, cooking experiments, handcrafting etc., whatever be it, renew that hobby which gives you the much needed relaxation in your life.

Select Cleaning New Zealand

It’s not that easy to get extremely reliable and honest home cleaning services in your locality. Security is a big issue, and quality of work and cost are other important factors.  We request you to visit our website and read the testimonials written by people like you. ‘Once a customer, always a customer’ is the phrase upon which the cleaning policy of Select Cleaning has been formulated.

We service Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch, and can be contacted on Phone 0800 000 907 for a free home cleaning quote.

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