Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Cleaning and Organising Your Home with a Professional Touch

It’s a fact that the demand for domestic cleaning services is increasing every year as people look to outsource their home cleaning. Long working hours affect a significant number of New Zealand families, and one thing working parents find it extremely difficult is to manage their home cleaning task. The home cleaning companies in New Zealand nowadays possess costly modern equipment and their cleaning technicians have necessary skills and qualifications. So, getting a reliable, professional home cleaner is quite easy now.

Seven Cleaning Tips to Make You Smarter
1. Worried about mould problems? Clove oil destroys persistent mould spores. Add four drops of clove oil into one litre of water and rinse well. Use this solution to clean the affected areas and you’ll see that moulds won’t reappear.

2. Homemade cleaner for your glass windows: Take one litre of warm water in a bucket or a glass jar, and mix it with a tablespoon of cornstarch. Your glass cleaner is ready. Use it to clean the window with the help of a squeegee or rag. After the clean, dry the window glass with a soft cloth to see it sparkling.

3. How to keep ice and frost away from your car windows during winter? Believe us, many people don’t know this; perhaps you’re the first one in your locale!  Fill a spray bottle with vinegar (3 parts) and water (one part) and spray on to the car window when you need to park it outside overnight. 

4. Did you know that the water you remove from an aquarium while cleaning, can be used for watering the plants? It has nutrients to fertilise your vegetable garden. 

5. Body or hair oil stains on collars and cuffs of coloured shirts and blouses can be easily removed by rubbing hair shampoo on the stained spot. As the stain loosens, rinse it with water and then wash the clothes to see that the sticking disclouration has gone.

6. Many people get stung by spiders, and even snake bites occur from the shoes kept outside. Keep these creatures out from your gardening shoes or work boots by placing old stockings that closely fit over the top of them.

7. Everybody use candles at home. If it’s a costly one, you can prolong its life by placing it in the freezer for a day and night before lighting. Use a plastic bag to cover the candles before placing them in the freezer.  

How to Get Affordable, Quality Home Cleaning
Are you searching for an affordable and expert home cleaner? SelectCleaning now takes bookings for house cleaning in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton. You pay for your cleaning service only after the job has been completed to your full satisfaction. We can assure you that there are absolutely no hidden charges as you might have faced with other home cleaners in your locality! Simply tell us where and when you need the service, and we’ll send a home cleaner right over. Get absolutely spotless clean!

We do full home cleaning services - regular cleaning of your home, including bathrooms, kitchens, vacuuming & dusting. The kitchen and bathroom, two areas that need more attention, will be cleaned thoroughly beyond your expectations. Your house will have a fresh look and wonderful smell. We also do spring cleans, move in/out cleans, and special occasion cleans. For other cleaning services such as window cleaning, ceiling cleaning, exterior house washing, water blasting driveways & paths, we can arrange to have them done for you with known and trusted home cleaners.

Booking a home clean has never been easier- just dial 0800 000 907 or email us your cleaning requirement using the form given on the Select Home Cleaning website.

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