Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Importance of Having a Clean Home

A recent survey that interviewed 500 New Zealanders says 46% people actively avoid cleaning the toilet, while 21% would rather have dinner with their in-laws than doing the toilet cleaning task.

Now listen carefully, about 50% of the people participated in the survey said they used to judge friends on the state of their toilet, and over half of the interviewees said they would rather hold on than using a dirty toilet, even at friends houses.

Now you know the importance of keeping your bathroom and toilets clean- it’s not only a matter of hygiene, but a social issue too.

The survey also found out that 86% of New Zealanders actually do a quick house cleaning before guests arrive. This shows that the Kiwis are still a house proud bunch giving due importance to cleanliness.

How to Avoid the Dust Menace and Allergy
Researchers have clarified that household dust contains harmful chemicals that can cause serious health hazards to your family members, such as cancer, developmental problems in babies, and, lung diseases and fertility issues in adults etc.

So, dust really isn't just a minor problem that we spend all week trying to put off. Here’s how to rid your home of these nasty chemicals and keep your family as healthy as you can.

Vacuum floors regularly, and ensure to wash your hands with plain soap and water. Cleaning the surfaces and furniture with a wet mop and dusting with a damp microfiber cloth will allow the dust to stick to the mop or cloth, rather than flying away and settling elsewhere.

At home, always try to use natural cleaning products as much as possible and avoid spraying poisons to kill unwanted insects and lawn weeds, and putting bleach down the toilet. This way we can keep the environment safe and healthy too.

How to Clean a Laminate Floor
Clean laminate flooring dry with a good quality microfiber mop- it shouldn't be wet-washed very often. At times when you wet wash laminate flooring, use only white vinegar or ammonia; avoid detergents, abrasives and wax-based products. Use doormats - longer mats inside and outside - and stick to shoes-outside policy.

Keeping Your House Clean with Pets
If you have two or more pets, it’s good to call a home cleaning service at least once in a month to do the heavy duty cleaning, taking into consideration the issues of fur, dirt, paw print, scratched sofa, dog drool, etc.

If you want you may also go with more pet-friendly upholstery, fewer rugs and less stuff generally on which pet hair can collect. Use a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to be powerful enough to deal with pet hair.

Help your dog do some outdoor activities and exercise, so it’ll not give you much trouble indoors like chewing your furniture or scratching the upholstery etc.  Also try giving the dog chewable alternatives such as a Kong chew toy stuffed with treats, when you leave it alone, so it’ll spare your furniture! And don’t forget to keep your coffee tables clear lest there are chances that the pets may knock over glasses and delicate objects.

Laundry Cleaning
Are you worried that some of your family members wanted unscented cleaners, but usually these cleaning products don't get odours out perfectly?

There is a way to keep things smelling fresh but not overpowered by artificial scents. Add one cup of white vinegar, which acts as an odour eliminator and a natural fabric softener, in the rinse cycle while doing laundry. This way you can eliminate any lingering smell of perfumes, but at the same time maintain proper cleaning standards.

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