Tuesday, 18 October 2016

How Do Busy Moms Clean Their House More Efficiently

If your partner is totally messy and you are a neat freak, things may go crazy at times. Generally, stay-at-home moms feel anxious and stressed over smart house cleaning.

If you are obsessed over a clean house because you have a toddler at home, you’re not alone! There will be toys, dirty clothes and crumbs of bread or cake scattered all over the place with young kids around.

Let’s share some quick home cleaning and organisation tips to keep your house neat and tidy in such a scenario.

1. Good to keep the kids occupied while you clean the house. Also, prepare a weekly cleaning schedule for efficient home cleaning. Both the things will give you peace of mind while you’re on the job. If the kids are engaged in some interesting activities, they won’t come disturbing you and you can concentrate on the cleaning. The weekly cleaning routine will make the task easier and things won’t pile up.

2. Some people will advise you to keep all the cleaning materials at one place; that’s a good idea of course, but an even better idea is to stock them up at more than one place, so your task will be accomplished quickly. 

3. Put the stuffed animals and other toys in mesh laundry bags and add them into the washing machine for a normal wash and rinse.  All the grime and dirt on the toys will be easily removed this way! Use cold water only and little detergent and you’ll have to run a second rinse cycle to remove all traces of the detergent.

4. Some moms find it easy to clean when the child is taking an afternoon nap, but some others say the moms also should have some rest time, and the ideal time is when the child naps! So, we’re leaving it to your choice how you prefer it.

5. Carry an empty laundry basket and declutter the rooms as you go around cleaning. You can also take help from family members to do small chores such as picking up toys, newspapers & magazines, cleaning off the table after meals, taking dirty laundry to laundry room, loading the dishwasher etc. This will save lot of time as you can concentrate on the main cleaning task without disturbances.

6. If you don’t have the time commitment that a deep cleaning would require, better don’t be a perfectionist in housekeeping! Believe in quick cleaning tips and do things as if your home looks organised. However, you know that everything is not alright and you’ll have to hire affordable house cleaners once in a while to compensate for the shortcuts. 

Why Do Moms Occasionally Need Professional House Cleaning?
If you have kids around in the home, it’s good idea to call a professional home cleaning service, provided it’s reliable and trustworthy.

It’s not right to think that a stay-at-home-parent will have to manage the house cleaning singlehandedly.  Morning routines, grocery shopping, caring for the kids etc. and if you’re also a working mom, then it’s nightmarish to do the house cleaning job too. In such a situation, if you try to manage the house cleaning, then you won’t get enough time to spend with your children and look after them properly.

In fact, you are not alone if you think that cleaning the house yourself takes away your precious time which you could have utilised for doing something important for the kids and your partner.

As you are a busy mom, you naturally find it difficult to allot time for house cleaning, and so this vital task normally goes into the back burner. This can compromise on hygiene matters and put the health of your family members at risk.

You may hate the home cleaning task, but a dedicated house cleaning service will have professionals who have a passion for doing it. That makes all the difference and it’ll have a great impact on the overall cleanliness of your home. If you need advice or want to discuss your home cleaning issues, feel free to talk to Select Home Cleaning in New Zealand and Australia – the most trusted service in the house cleaning sector.

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