Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How to Freshen Up Your Home This Spring?

It’s that time of the year again: Have you booked your Spring Cleaning?!

We survived yet another winter and now looking forward for a warmer weather and beautiful spring blooms. We should bring this bright and awesome feeling of spring in the nature into our doorstep and our interiors too!

The Importance of Professional Home Cleaners
As springtime is around the corner, many people are overwhelmed about having to clean their houses from top to bottom.

It’s been reported that over 50% of New Zealand families feel stressed for time, so the cleaning duties are often put on the back burner. However, you can’t do that to spring cleaning!

We know it is stressful and exhausting job to remove all the dust and dirt of the last season accumulated overtime from every nook and corner of the house. Better to go for custom spring cleaning packages that perfectly suits your needs and budget, but always remember never to rely on cheap, low quality home cleaners!

Every house needs cleaning and maintenance to keep it in good shape, but often small problems are neglected until they turn into big ones. Even though we’re spending an average of two hours on house cleaning chores every single day, our homes don’t look that dazzling!

It takes a little effort to bring spring in even after your home is professionally cleaned. The following tips will help you to give your home a complete seasonal refresh.

Bring In Fresh Air and Kick Dust and Germs Out
Soft surfaces such as pillows, carpets and rugs, blankets, mattresses, upholstery and drapes are also to be thoroughly cleaned as part of the spring cleaning task. Dust, allergens, dust mites, dander, and other unsavoury bits and pieces get accumulated in those surfaces, creating trouble for allergy and asthma sufferers.  

Make sure that the carpet cleaning company you employ removes deep down dirt and allergens. Rugs, pillow cases, duvets and drapes should be given to a professional dry cleaner and cleaned once a year to keep your house odour and allergen free.

Turn off the heating system and open up your blinds and windows on a warm spring day and enjoy the freshness and vitality of the spring. A little fresh air can remove the build-up of stale created due to the windows being shut up during the winter months.

Swap Out Wintry Decor and Linens
Ensure that all winter woollies and boots etc. are neatly packed away. If it’s noticed that you no longer use some clothes because they are out of fashion or worn out, then put it in the donation pile. Don’t keep on storing garments that you won’t be wearing anymore! Categorise your clothes into donation, throw away, and pack away so as to keep your wardrobe well organised.  

Now is the time for putting some fresh and elegant new bed-linen in place of heavy blankets. New sheets are apt for heralding spring as they smell great and also look great. And introduce some brightly hued clothes and accessories too to have the feeling of welcoming the wonderful colours of spring. 

It’s recommended that you get your home professionally cleaned every spring - don't allow any dust, steaks, or smears spoil the beautiful feeling of spring visiting your home!

Bring in Some Plants and Blooms
Once the professionals have given a great spring clean to your home, next step is to energise it with gorgeous indoor plants. Also put a bunch of freshly cut blooms next to your bed, and change it daily because spring is all about flowers and freshness- enjoy every minute of it in style!

The SelectCleaning team can deliver a consistent high-quality home clean, including spring cleaning, at a cost effective price. That’s because they won’t be supplying just a normal house cleaner, they’ll supply you with a SelectCleaning Franchisee owner – and that makes all the difference! Call now for a free quote:0800 000 907.

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