Tuesday, 30 August 2016

How to Ensure That You Always Have a Clean Home

A clean home that looks amazing helps reduce stress. Also, a well organised and neat environment increases your productivity. Rely on a house cleaning company which can produce stunning result with a minimum of disruption, and a high degree of care and skilfulness.

The home cleaner will be doing weekly or fortnightly cleaning, but here are some habits you should inculcate to keep your house well organised, tidy and inviting:

1. Arrange Your Clothes in an Orderly Way
All your clothes should have an assigned place, and ensure that they go there at the end of the day! So, you need not to search throughout the house, one room after another for a particular matching pair of socks or jeans and shirt.

2. Use Dishwasher Smartly
Make a habit of unloading the dishwasher before breakfast so that you can put the dirty dishes straightway into the dishwasher. This is to avoid piles of dirty dishes in the sink or on the countertop. Your dishwasher will be full by the time dinner is over, and then turn it on before bed.

3. Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff
Don’t keep on accumulating old clothes, decoration lights etc. in your home. Just have a check when you have free time and threw out extra items you no longer require. Also give away old but useful items to charity or organise a garage auction.

If you want to feel the freshness of a clean, orderly home, say no to clutter!

4. Make Your Bed Everyday
Making your bed in the morning gives you the satisfaction of a small job perfectly completed - make up your bed, put away clothes, fluff up pillows, and declutter up the bedroom. This can create a positive spirit and confidence which will continue to make you feel good for the whole day.

This way you also set a good example for other family members and they’ll also follow suit.

5. Keep Your Papers, Bills and Receipts Organized
If you find it difficult to manage stacks of bills and mails piling up all over your home then you need to do something urgently! Don’t’ keep papers hanging around the house- file them intact!

Follow a daily routine for organizing paperwork- file the bills after making the payments. When bills come in, put them in one place and after you’ve paid the bills, file immediately.  If you want to refer menus, coupons and the likes, secure them at a separate place where you can easily access them.

6. Use a Vacuum
If children and pets are in the home, you should dedicate sometime for daily vacuum cleaning- vacuum the high-traffic and pet area. Pets leave hair, dander, dirt and allergens all over the place and it can cause diseases.

7. Wipe down Surfaces in Your Kitchen
It’s essential to wipe down countertops, sink, the front of cupboards, and stove top after every use.  It takes only a few seconds to do a quick wipe of the area you just used to make it tidy and germ free.

8. Give Special Attention to Bathrooms & Toilets
Wash and sanitise sinks, countertops, showers, tubs and toilets and ensure they are sparkling clean. Spray a general purpose cleaner into the tub area and let it stay there (for dissolving oil and soap scum) while you start cleaning the rest of the bathroom. Use tile brushes for tile grout cleaning and a used toothbrush for removing build-up deposits around tub fixtures and faucet.

For many people, toilet cleaning remains the most hated house cleaning chore. Either you’ll have to assign the job to a professional home cleaner or learn some tips to manage it. Either way, it’s mandatory to keep the toilet clean and hygienic.

9. Put Your Shoes and Coats Away
It’s nice to remove shoes at the door and put them away neatly in a wardrobe or closet. This way you can prevent dirt and germs entering your house.  

Adopting a regular, healthy home cleaning habit will keep your home neat and clean and will minimise the psychological stress associated with messy homes. 

If you find the above home cleaning tasks quite tedious, email Select Cleaning Company  or call them on 0800 000 907 and they’ll discuss your cleaning requirements. Currently they service Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton.

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