Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Speed Cleaning Tips and Move-Out Cleaning Checklist for Your Easy Reference

Speed Cleaning tips
Speed cleaning is applicable when some guests are coming over for a casual visit. In such case you should pay particular attention to important areas such as the kitchen, lounge room and one bathroom where visitors are sure to go.

When it comes to speed cleaning your house, plan it neatly by first having all products and equipment ready. Better to keep all the cleaning items and tools in a bucket which you can easily carry while you go cleaning around the house. This will also help to avoid backtracking to collect things.  

First of all clean the floors in common spaces that includes sweeping up the kitchen and vacuuming.  More attention and time are to be allotted for bathroom and kitchen cleaning- the two spots your guests will watch with scrutinising eyes!

Then move from room to room cleaning systematically; don't go back and forth to rooms. If you can plan particular time period, say 10 minutes, for each room, then the cleaning will go fast in an organised way without interruptions.

Everyone wants their house to be shining bright before the guests. So get to know as many home cleaning tips as possible to do a quick, efficient cleaning. Before you start cleaning, it’s advisable to clear space by putting unclean dishes in the dishwasher and clothes in washing machine.

Have a quick glance through benchtops and sink. Remove all clutter and put them back in cabinets or inside the refrigerator as the case may be. A clean sink and empty counters will give best impression of neatness in the kitchen.  Also make sure to wipe down the stove and microwave quickly.

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Air Pollution
New Zealand has more people suffering from asthma and poor air quality related allergies than any of its neighbouring countries. The quality of air we breathe in our home should be improved a lot by effectively removing all dust, bacteria, allergens, pollen, and animal hair, skin cells etc.

On an average we spend 87% of our time indoors, of which around 69% is spent at home. So the air quality in your home or office is a matter of great concern. Only quality home cleaners who adopt excellent cleaning processes only can ensure such high degree of cleanliness.

For regular house cleaning tips, visit Select Cleaning website or call an expert home cleaner on 0800 000 907. Select Cleaning Company does normal regular inside cleaning of homes.  They also do spring cleaning and moving cleans.  It’s a wise move to spend little extra cash by assigning a move-out clean to an affordable house cleaner in New Zealand.

Here’s a Checklist for Move-Out Cleaning

  • Clean out all cabinets and liners and wipe them clean.
  • Clean and disinfect all benches and countertops.
  • Clean the oven thoroughly and scrub the refrigerator inside out. Clean the back of the refrigerator and the wall behind it.
  • Apply a baking soda or other cleaning product and scrub the sink to clean it. Wipe the faucet with a mild soapy solution to remove grime and gunk.
  • Clean the exhaust fan.

Living room/bedrooms
  • Dust, sweep, vacuum and mop all bedrooms and living room.
  • Clean the windows inside out and wipe down the doors.
  • Clean all light switches.

  • Scrub the tiles and grouting using bleach or other products recommended by professionals. Clean inside and sides of bathtub.
  • Clean the vanity/sink, countertop and mirror.
  • Wash the floors and clean the toilet.
  • Clean the exhaust fan.
  • Empty vanity cabinets and wipe clean.
  • Clean the shower rods and wash the curtain.

  • Cut the grass and pull out any weeds.
  • Scrub the porch stairs to remove stains.
  • Remove all unwanted items from the garden and give a smart look to lawn and patio furniture with quick cleaning.

If you find the above cleaning list thoroughly exhausting and don’t have the time and energy to do it, never attempt it because doing it improperly means you’ll lose the rental deposit money. In such a scenario it’s good to call an affordable move-out cleaner.

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