Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Easy Cleaning Tips and Tricks That’ll Remove Many of Your Household Headaches

Did you know that most people collect tips and hints to save time and money and make everyday home cleaning and maintenance tasks fast and easy?

Here is one such useful tip to jot down in your kitchen notebook. As we are now in the middle of winter, it’s good to know how we can keep our windows and glass doors from frosting. Take one quart warm water and mix it with half a cup of rubbing alcohol. Apply this solution on the glass surface and clean with a soft cotton cloth to view beautiful scenes of nature outside. No more foggy windows and glass door during winter!

The following collection of tips and tricks will help you greatly in day to day home maintenance

1. Pencil erasers can be used to remove sticky price tags, and clean buttons and keys on your mobile, laptop and remote control. 
2. Mix one tablespoon each of baking powder and salt and then add one tablespoon of water into the paste. Your stove top cleaning product is ready. Now take a clean cloth and use a little bit of the mixture to smartly clean the stove. This newly made chemical compound can also be used to clean your outdoor grill.
3. Use ice cube to remove stubborn carpet dents left by heavy furniture. Use a picking tool to drop an ice cube on the carpet where it is dented. Wait for the ice cube to melt fully and then use a toothbrush to fluff the area and the carpet fibres will expand and regain the original position.
4. Same ice treatment can be used to remove chewing gum from your carpets. Put few ice cubes in a small plastic bag and place it on top of the stuck gum. Wait for 15 minutes and you can see that the gum has hardened. Now you can easily peel the gum off without breaking.
5. Wood ash is a desiccant, so it can be used to remove oil or grease stains from stone and cement surfaces in your garage or elsewhere. Just rub the wood ashes into the stained area with a cloth and then apply water to clean up the stain.
6. Deep toilet stains can be easily removed with a pumice stone if you have to urgently clean the toilet due to the arrival of a guest within short notice. Normally such cleaning task is to be given to professional home cleaners to do it hygienically.
7. Are there water spots on your wooden table or other wood surfaces? Don’t worry- it can be easily removed with the help of your hair dryer. Use the blow dryer at medium heat and focus it on the water stain keeping the dryer about two inches away. Normally the stain mark will disappear immediately, but if it persists, use a napkin to wipe out the stain while applying heat. Afterwards use two drops of olive oil to moisturise the wood.
8. Did you know that cooking spray is a soap scum buster? Spray some non-stick cooking spray into the soap scum and hard water spots on your glass shower door and tiles. Wait for 5 minutes and then wash the area with mild soapy water to see that all blemishes have gone! 
9. Mix dry tea leaves into the litter box to prevent it smelling badly. The tea leaves also have anti-bacterial quality which is an added advantage for hygienic purpose.
10. Stain marks on the walls can be easily removed using semi-stale white bread. The gluten in the bread helps to remove the stain. Remove the crusts from two bread loaves and make it a ball of bread and rub it on the stained area after cleaning the spot with a cloth. Bread is highly absorbent and gradually the stain marks disappear.  
11. Artificial Sweeteners can be used to remove stains like red wine, coffee and tea from a tablecloth. Put the sweetener over the stain and keep it overnight. Next day brush off the remaining sweetener and rinse the cloth in cold water.

Importance of Professional Home Cleaning
One significant point to mention that there is no shortcut to keeping your home hygienic. You’ll have to spend considerable time washing and disinfecting your home. Here comes the role of home cleaning companies. A clean and orderly house itself will help reduce lot of stress.

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