Thursday, 14 January 2016

Cleaning Your Kitchen – The Correct Way to Do It!

Worried about kitchen cleaning? Watch a well explained video on how to do the kitchen cleaning and arranging the things the right way. In this Select Home Cleaning video, the Do’s and Don’ts while cleaning your kitchen are narrated with examples. Know these tips to keep your kitchen sparkling and spotless!
Fully cleaning the kitchen and the equipment and appliances there may seem a difficult task, but with step-by-step plan you can manage it effortlessly. If you’re in a good mood, you can speed clean the kitchen within half an hour, provided you practise it regularly! If time doesn’t permit, you can call a reliable professional home cleaning service in New Zealand to do the kitchen cleaning in a perfect way. In fact, you should call a home cleaner once in a while to cover up the lapses in your individual house cleaning habits.

Your countertops, floors, and appliances like oven, refrigerator etc. always have tough stain spots caused by everyday items such as salt, ketchup, wine, tea/coffee and other acidic substances. A home cleaning specialist can clean those stain marks and dirt in a proper way to make your kitchen looking and smelling great!

Use a multi-surface spray cleaner on the stove top and the countertops before you start cleaning. This will soak up the stains so they can be easily removed when you clean them up.

Make sure to add a few drops of cleaner into the cleaning cloth when cleaning the fronts of kitchen appliances, cabinet faces and backsplashes. Kitchen sink rims and drains accumulate stubborn dirt and germs- use a toothbrush to neatly clean those areas. Use another toothbrush to clean food particles from burners, knobs and dials of the stove.  

Make sure that you’re doing every aspect of your kitchen cleaning in the right way. For example, you may be making mistakes while using your dishwasher- like arranging the dishes incorrectly- silver and stainless steel items are sometimes mixed in the flatware basket which can cause pitting. Another mistake is putting hand-painted porcelain or wood items in the dishwasher which could damage the beautiful artwork you’re proud of!

So, whenever you’re in doubt, call a home cleaning expert and watch them cleaning your home or read Select Cleaning blog for tips and advice on all matters related to home cleaning in New Zealand and Australia.

Also learn how to arrange things in an easy-to-use orderly manner in your kitchen. If you mess up everything in the kitchen, it’ll be a headache to work there. Remember, you spend pretty good time there! Ensure to store equipment and dinnerware close to the place where they are used- dishes next to the dishwasher, pots and pans next to the stove, the items you frequently use can be placed near to the work counters and so on. This way, things are not only arranged neatly but also kept closest to their point of main use. 

After reading all these genuine points, you may be wondering whether the kitchen cleaning procedures you were following till this time were proper or not! No worries, call the Select Cleaning professionals now on 0800 000 907 to do it right for you! Ask for a free quote to ascertain quality work at affordable price. 

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