Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Hassle-free Way to House Moving and Relocation Cleaning

Moving house is one of the most tedious tasks we encounter in our lives. The process can be extremely stressful and needs more effort and coordination among various agencies including a house cleaning expert. Sorting and packing the different kinds of items gathered from several years of moving from rented flat to rented flat is such a terrible and boring task.

One important aspect of house moving is to get it cleaned thoroughly after you finish your packing so as to pass inspection with your landlord. Some real estate agents make statutory requirement for showing receipts from professional house cleaners when residents move out. This makes it more reasonable for you to call house cleaning specialists during relocation.

If we look at the advertisements, it’s clear that the total number of homes for sale in New Zealand is increasing day by day. This shows more number of people will be relocating this year around.

The following tips will help to reduce your tensions if you are planning to shift home-
  • Plan Ahead Well in Advance
Organising the things and effective coordination is very important when you want to relocate from a house or apartment. Prepare a checklist of people to notify- banks, insurance companies, postal service, store cards, pension & loan providers, council tax office, social media clients, schools, cable provider etc.
A house cleaning company is to be consulted well in advance for making the house from which you’re moving out look neat and tidy. This is necessary for the lease agreement signed by you. Same house cleaner can be detailed for making the new house presentable to inspection. This way you may get some reduction in overall home cleaning cost as these services will efficiently manage general cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, exterior cleaning etc.
  • Packing Up
Ensure to switch off your phone line, internet connection and all other utilities. Now start packing up in an orderly manner. Pack items into small boxes and keep them in the garage ready to load. Reduce the items one by one keeping the ones that get the most frequent use, like cutlery or the TV, and pack them the last day of the house move. Never forget to defrost the fridge one day prior to the move.
  • Removals
Contact standard removal firms after checking a list from internet sites and get two or three quotes. Also make use of personal recommendations before finalising a removal firm. Some established removal companies help you to remove and pack every item in the household reducing your troubles to a great extent. And some companies are quite affordable too.
  • Coordination between Service Agencies
sometimes when you contact a house cleaning company in New Zealand, they may refer a removal/relocation service company quite known to them. This will be a great relief to you as both of the services will manage things in close coordination.  This will also help you to manage things in a cost effective way.

So the above points make it clear that moving clever should be your game plan.  If you want any further information on relocation cleaning for moving-in and moving-out requirements, contact Select Cleaning in New Zealand. Contact them on: 0800 000 907 or visit the Website today.

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