Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Select Home Cleaning- Quick Tips on How to Clean Hard Surface Floors

Hard surface floors such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and linoleum look lovely if they are cleaned frequently. They increase the elegance and appeal of your home. If you cannot clean your hard surface floor daily due to time constraints, the following are some quick tips on how to retain the shine and sheen of your floor without any hassles-

  • Weekly vacuum cleaning- Vacuum clean your hard surface floor every week- To protect the appearance and finish of your hard surface floors, you should vacuum clean them every week. Use the vacuum cleaner attachment with a felt surface or a brush that runs smoothly along your floor. If you are not in the mood for taking out your vacuum cleaner, you can use a dust mop or a microfiber sweeper instead.
  • Clean up hair spray and furniture polish drops immediately-Address hair spray and furniture polish drops immediately- In case you accidentally spill hair spray and furniture polish on your floor, wipe them with a damp cloth immediately. Both substances have the tendency to cloud the surface of the hardwood floor.
  • Keep the rain at bay-Ensure rain does not hit the surface of your hard surface floor. Rain water has the tendency to leave stains on it. If you are expecting rain, close the windows to avoid damage. If you have potted plants at home, place trays underneath them. If water spills occur, wipe it up immediately.
  • Clean up dirt and residue immediately with a non-wax floor cleaner- Keep a non-wax floor cleaner handy nearby for cleaning up dirt and residue spills. Small problems become big ones if they are not addressed at once. Liquids stain the floor and dirt gets grounded inside the surface of the floor immediately. When you are buying a floor cleaner, invest in a good quality non-wax cleaner for your floor.
  • Protect high traffic zones with rugs-When you walk across one area several times a day, this will wear out the finish and the hardwood of your floor. You can use the appealing throw-away rugs available in the market to reduce wearing of the appearance of your floor’s finish and surface.
  • Use doormats- Doormats both inside and outside the front door will help you keep out a large amount of dirt. The door mat should be long. People can rub off the dirt under their shoes before they enter the home. Door mats will also keep the moisture at bay!

Thus, with the above quick tips you can keep your hardwood floor in perfect shape for a long time.

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