Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pre-Christmas Home Cleaning Checklist for Every Household

It is important for you to clean your home before Christmas celebrations to make it neat, tidy and spotlessly clean. You will have friends and family coming around and it is obvious you would want them to be comfortable and cosy. Christmas cleaning should be planned and organised well in advance so that you do not have to rush at the last minute. 

Read on to prepare an easy practical pre-Christmas cleaning checklist for your home-
  • During Christmas we generally serve guests with special cutlery, dishes and glassware. So take them out and rinse them well. For sparkling glassware, you can use vinegar on the outside. Do not worry about its smell. It generally dies out when the glassware dries.
  • If required buy extra chairs, cutlery or crockery if you are planning parties or big gatherings at home.
  • For buffet meals, consider using paper plates. They are easy to recycle.
  • Make sure to iron table linens
  • Clean the carpets and upholstery
  • For rugs, you can beat them and flip them over to remove the dirt and dust.
  • Place empty trash bins at common places
  • Keep tissue boxes handy
  • Ensure that the washing hamper is empty
  • Buy more stock of bin bags, kitchen paper, dishwasher powder, washing detergent and toilet paper.
  • Buy stain removers and other cleaning items
  • Dry clean or laundry special outfits
  • Take stored decorations out
  • Check and replace missing bulbs or light strings.
  • Be generous and give away discarded items to community
  • Clear closets and give unwanted toys, clothes and books to charity
  • Set up a house cleaning routine some days in advance
  • Address stains and clear up spills
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Vacuum clean and sweep floors in the kitchen and other communal areas
  • Bathrooms should be clean and hygienic. This will stop the spread of germs.
  • Change the sheets of beds. It is prudent to wash them separately from other clothing.
  • For guest rooms, vacuum and polish the room.
  • Clean your fridge. Remove stale food and make space for Christmas goodies like trifle and wine.
  • The oven on the kitchen should be cleaned properly. If your oven is covered with bits of food, it will affect the taste of the items you cook inside it.

Thus, with the above pre-Christmas cleaning tips and ideas, you effectively can get your home spotless and in order. This is a must for creating a better image about yourself and the family in front of guests.        

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