Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tips on How to Keep the Floor Clean and Safe for Toddlers

With a baby at home, it’s already a big responsibility and perhaps, there’s no time in the day when you are not worried about your toddler getting harmed in any way.  Every mother wishes to prepare a safe and fun crawling environment for her baby but it’s possible that she might be time-bound.

Here are 7 quick house cleaning tips to help new mothers keep floor clean and safe for toddlers:
#1: Vacuuming
Start off in the morning with vacuuming of your place. When your toddler is in a wonderful dreamy sleep, you can collect the dust and minute particles at home with vacuum cleaning.
#2: Sweeping/Mopping
This part is based on personal preference. Many women would prefer actually sweeping the floor while getting down on their knees while some would prefer mopping. If it is not possible for you to clean the entire home, make sure to carefully wipe out the floor and other dirty surfaces where your baby toddles all day.
#3: Stopping Dirt
With a baby, you have to be extra careful in cleanliness. Footwear generally brings in dirt and frost which tends to carry dirt and infectious substances inside your home. So, it’s better to make it a rule to remove footwear outside and then come inside the house.

#4: Organize Your Home
What takes you more time to clean? If you have things accumulated on the floor, they are quite likely to catch dust and bacteria which adds to your cleaning schedule. Thus, organizing is rather a better alternative. Things that are not required should be kept off the floor and minimum cleaning items should be there in the room where your toddler crawls. This will make the house cleaning process easy.
#5: Spill Cleaning
Spills can occur frequently with a toddler at home. To cut down the cleaning part a little, you can simply spread well-cleaned plastic where you keep your toddlers water sipper. So, it is most likely that spills will not be a tough clean. If at all, the spills happen on your hardwood floor, sweep instantly with a dry towel to preserve the look of your floor.
#6: Carpet Cleaning
Carpets are the storehouse of dirt and thus, you need to be very cautious with their cleanliness. If at all you are unable to vacuum clean your carpet every day, remove it from your toddler’s play area.
#7: Seek House Cleaning Help
In the end if you feel too exhausted all day long running after your baby and fall short of time in cleaning your place, you can always take professional and affordable house cleaning help.

Motherhood is a precious experience. Don’t be so engrossed in other activities that you lose the glimpse of memorable moments of your baby’s firsts. Go easy where you feel stressed or overburdened and enjoy parenting!

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