Monday, 14 July 2014

Say Bye-bye to Window Frosting!

Do you want to become a perfect house cleaner?! – follow these easy quick tips and prevent window frosting!

It’s already winter - the exact time for the angry frost to hit your window glasses!Though the fog mist on your windows offers a beautiful sight, the after effects of it could be deadly, causing a big damage to your window frames and walls.

How to prevent frost will be anyone’s first thought during this season. You might look upon your neighbours and friends for some tips or research for a home cleaning service who can give you authentic guidelines. Being precautious will certainly help keeping window frosting at bay. Here are some simple tips that help say bye-bye to window frosting!

  • Ensure your windows are sealed properly; especially places where the sashes meet the frame. Keeping the windows well insulated should be your prime concern. The best way to insulate your windows is to apply plastic cover on their insides. Another option is to seal them because this will help the air to penetrate inside through gaps
  • Keeping your household warm should be your first concern. Using exhaust fans (both while bathing and cooking) help expel moisture. While using exhaust fans mind that they “blow out” and not blow into the loft space. Because venting inside will end up adding nearly a gallon of water per load
  • Running a dehumidifier helps. Indoor heating will certainly increase the dryness, which in turn reduce the forming of frost
  • Another option to warm your home is to place space heater in the rooms where frosts gather more often.
  • Let air circulate - open the curtains and blinds. This will assist in controlling the condensation inside
  • Use de-icer spray on the outsides of the window. Spraying this along the window opening will prevent windows from freezing shut. Though this option doesn’t last for a long period of time, most de-icer spray has immediate results. Remember, this should be sprayed not in the insides, but on the outsides. The chemical formula of this aerosol spray require ventilation and spraying it inside the window is strictly a “no, no”
  • Make sure whether your clothes dryer is properly vented to the outside
  • Ensure frost doesn’t sit on windows for a long time. The melted water will spoil wood, the wall, and floor. Placing absorbent clothes or some old towels on the window sills will help. Also use hair dryer to melt the ice and wipe away the water instantly
  • Last but not the least, installing thermal efficient windows will avoid frosting. Little costly than the usual, but with them your home will not leak much
Keep calm and follow these quick tips so you can say bye-bye to frost hitting your windows. But if you’re confused at some stage, don’t hesitate to call a professional house cleaner.  This is also applicable to those who dread house cleaning or have no time to do it efficiently.

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