Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Franchising New Zealand 2017 Survey and Some Highlights of Select Franchise

A research team from Massey University Business School and Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence conducted the ‘Franchising New Zealand 2017 Survey’ from April to May this year.

This business-related survey confirmed that New Zealand is the most franchised country per capita in the world as it had one franchised unit for every 124 people during the survey period, a report published by World Franchise Associates on 2nd August said.

The survey revealed that there are an estimated 631 different franchise systems (business format franchisors) in New Zealand in 2017, compared with 446 in 2012. The total number of franchise units around the country stands at 37,000, an increase of 14,600 since 2012.

Sales and service sector turnover has increased substantially in the past five years with further growth forecast into 2018 and 2019. Franchising offers employment opportunities for increasing numbers of people, and full-time positions have risen.

The survey clarified that the turnover of the franchise sector has shown robust growth (about 84 percent), with an overall turnover of $27.6 billion compared to $15 billion turnover in 2012. This indicates the strong, experienced New Zealand franchise sector is riding the wave of an upbeat national economy.

And now coming to Select Home Cleaning Franchise, it has helped many people attain financial freedom through business ownership with over 190 Franchisees in its fold in the home cleaning sector. It had also once bagged the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Award for the best franchise system in the home services area.  

Select Cleaning effectively deploys their core systems and business processes that enabled their franchisees to deliver and maintain consistent quality cleaning to their customers at a cost effective price. As Select Cleaning Franchisees own their businesses, they really care about the cleaning quality they provide and are trained professionally to delight their customers.

Select Cleaning Franchisees get quality training, which covers everything one needs to know from how to mix chemicals through to how to build positive and lasting relationships with clients. The training has been provided in several different ways such as face to face training with dedicated trainers, video training, operational manuals and onsite training, and more.

Quick home maintenance tips for the week 

How to replace a sink pop-up stopper: Fixing a bathroom sink pop-up stopper is not a difficult task if you have the willingness to do it.  You only need some common tools like a slip joint pliers, an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver to replace the stopper.

First, remove all items from under the sink. Using torchlight, you can locate the horizontal pivot rod that connects to the sink drain, and see where the rod threads through the clevis (vertical plate).
Unscrew the clevis screw and the pivot nut where the rod slips into the drainpipe. Now pull out the rod enough to insert the new pop-up stopper into the drain.  Slide the clevis over the stopper rod and carefully insert the horizontal pivot rod into the drainpipe and check to ensure everything is properly aligned.

Next, tighten the pivot nut just enough so the stopper doesn't slide down, and tighten the clevis screw also on the other end. If you feel that the stopper doesn't move freely, slightly loosen the nut till it is working fine. Check for leaks under the sink before you finish the job.

For a free home cleaning quote, use our New Zealand wide phone number 0800 000 907, and a trained office staff will promptly attend to your queries. You may also contact us via email; all you need to do is fill in your name, suburb and phone numbers on our Select Cleaning website. While visiting the Select Home Cleaning website you can also read customer reviews about our dedicated home cleaning service. 

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