Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Storage Hacks That Will Keep You Organised and Peaceful

Find some impressive storage solutions to maximise space and minimise clutter by making the most of your home's existing space. Getting your stuff organized with these smart storage ideas is a great feeling and it makes finding everything easier also.  

Make your furniture a clever storage space
A platform-style bed for children with built-in drawers and shelves is a lovely idea to keep books, toys and clothes stored neatly. This will also help your child to grasp the habit of cleanliness and orderliness.

Also make concealed storage space under your bed so you can smartly de-clutter the bedroom. A bed frame with such storage units is worth the investment.

Recessed pantry
Worried about your cramped, cluttered kitchen? No tensions, some additional storage space can be created there by knocking a hole through a garage wall. Also try height adjustable shelves, pull out baskets, tray divider, and sliding doors which make an efficient, versatile pantry.

Above-the-door shelf
Over the door storage for a small Bath with limited space and no linen closet is a great option for maximising space. These storage shelves can also be constructed for other necessary places around your home for a better organised look.

Clever way to organise your accessories
Want to try a smart idea to utilise an unwanted ice cube tray? Store your jewellery items in the tray displayed in a stylish manner so you can impress your guests next time they pay a visit. Similarly, let your creativity take wings to find lovely storage places for all unused items in your home.

Facing lack of space for laundry storage?
Tired of all the clutter in your floors and on the countertops? Fix a few pegboards on your walls to hang shelves, baskets, and even cleaning materials & brooms. You can also put all the small things and other clutter on your pegboard. Use a combination of open shelves and pegboards to rev up the storage potential of your hallway wall.

Proven, trusted and experienced home cleaners in your town
Everybody likes a home cleaner who is particularly careful about attention to detail. That is exactly what the customers wanted in a house cleaner. Relax then. Select Cleaning are known for providing a stress–free solution to your home cleaning needs.  

The clients will also be impressed if their items are dutifully put back in their original position when the cleaning is over.  Sincere efforts to polish the water taps until they shine, and getting the mop right into the corners of the kitchen floor are the good habits a homeowner looks in a home cleaner.

You deserve an impeccable service whether it’s weekly or fortnightly home cleaning. Many of the customers of Select Cleaning even got their full deposit back from their landlord after a move out clean and you know normally that never happens with other cleaning services in New Zealand!

Given below are a couple of testimonials taken from the Select Cleaning customer review section on their website.

“Very polite and respectful of property. Fit in with my family routines. Always do a fantastic job better than I can. Frees up my time and makes my life more pleasant. 100% dependable and reliable. No problem with security – very trustworthy.” – Rachael; Mt Albert.
“Very reliable, always on time. Love having a cleaner, it frees up my time, makes my life less stressful. Great attention to detail, very trustworthy. They are very happy to accommodate changes with my family timetables. Always respond to my requests in the communication book.” – Lee; One Tree Hill.

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