Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Select Clean Home Maintenance Tips and Property News for Aspiring Homeowners

Housing crisis in Wellington and Auckland

According to latest residential property news, new housing developments in Wellington have been lagging behind population growth and demand. The city is facing a shortage of at least 3590 dwellings as per official records.

In their efforts to solve
Wellington's looming housing crisis, Mayor Justin Lester and deputy Paul Eagle announced a couple of months back that 750 units of social and affordable homes would be built in Wellington to avoid an Auckland-style housing crisis.

Wellington Mayor also declared a $5k rates discount for first-home and apartment builders. So, aspiring home/apartment owners can cash in on this discount in pricing.

Meanwhile, global investment bank Goldman Sachs said New Zealand’s housing market has a 40% chance of going bust in the next two years. It further said the housing market here is the most over-valued amongst the G-10 group of developed economies.

DIY home hacks ideas for busy homeowners

Did you know that binder clip can be used to make the following day-to-day activities more efficiently?
  • Phone & Cellphone Stand
  • Cellphone Stand Charger
  • Watching Movie Phone Stand
  • Pen Pencil Stand
  • Bind Cable and Charger
  • Organizing Cable
  • Knitting
  • Put Cloth Irony
  • Cleaning Bar Management
  • Tight Seal Food Bags
  • Toothpaste Surrender
  • Managing Money, Car keys & Cards
  • Safely Razor Packing
  • Securely Put Earphone

Watch a video to know how the above things are made with binder clips.

Simple and clever way to remove clothing wrinkles

You can remove wrinkles in your clothes by steaming them in the shower.

While you're showering, hang up wrinkled clothing from the shower rod. Ensure you close the doors and windows so the steam won’t escape. While you shower and do other bathroom routine activities, the wrinkles will be automatically gone from your garments. It won’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes for the steam to straighten the wrinkles.

If you have little more time and patience, here is another way of removing tiny wrinkles from clothes. While you boil water for the morning tea, hold the spout of the steaming kettle near the wrinkled area on the garment. Ensure you keep it at safe distance (say 12 inches) to avoid scorching the fabric. The advantage here is that the wrinkles are subjected to concentrated steam to get better result. The method of removing wrinkles while showering may cause your bathroom mirror fogging up. So, need not to worry about foggy bathroom mirrors with the teapot method.   

Stained TV Screens?

Make your TV screens and computer monitors stain and dust free by cleaning them with a coffee filter. All traces of grime, dust, dirt and fingerprints build up will be removed and the screens will sparkle again.

Seasonal Home Maintenance Chores

As a responsible homeowner, you need to make up your mind regarding the works you will be able to do yourself and the ones those are to be done by a home cleaning company. If you try to attempt the tasks that are to be performed by skilled personnel, it may run for some time, but you may end up with costly repairs later on. Summer and winter cleaning are important as they involve the beginning of your prime cooling and heating season respectively. Your home’s envelope and infrastructure need to be inspected and improved during these seasonal changes and only experienced home cleaners can manage it properly.    

The above points have been stated as per our vast experience in the home cleaning industry. Working for Select Clean, we have witnessed people paying extra power bills because of bad sealing, and then facing costly repairs due to moisture and leaks affecting the infrastructure of the building. Get a free home cleaning quote today from the most trusted cleaners in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga.

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