Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Housekeeping Tips- How Often Should You Clean That?

Experts say an average household harbours more bacteria than a public garbage bin. A study related to home cleaning and hygiene said that over two hundred thousand or more bacteria could be found every 2.5 square centimetres of a floor carpet. A thing of concern, isn’t it? It is thus clear that if you don't regularly steam your floors, it’ll affect the health of your family members.

Robin Wilson, an interior designer who specialises in allergy-free homes, remarked that indoor air quality could be eight to 10 times worse than outdoor air quality. She suggested that people should at least clean their drapes and let air inside regularly if they don't clean the flooring at required intervals.

Microwave cleaning
Many of us think that the restroom in office is the storehouse of germs. However, a new study clarifies that highest percentage of harmful bacteria and dirt are present where employees prepare and eat food, not the restroom! Another such misconception is about microwave which people consider as the cleanest spot- and it turns out most are wrong after analysts examined the microwave.  

So, clean the microwave thoroughly considering the experts’ opinion. Wipe it down every week, ensuring that you also give it a deep cleaning twice a month.

Researchers in the home cleaning and maintenance sector have not given clean chit to bathtub too. In fact, the studies found skin infection-causing bacteria in 26% of baths tested, where as it’s just 6% with respect to garbage bins. So keep it in mind that the bathtub is more harmful than the trash – must clean it at least once in a week.  

Bed linen & bath towels
New lab tests suggest that your bed linen isn't as dirty and contaminated with germs as you may think. Euan Tovey, head of the Allergen Research Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, found out that you don't get as much exposure to dust mites in bed as the specialists once thought. Recommended cleaning for your bed linens is every one to two weeks; ensure you do it in hot water.

Bath towels are to be properly washed after three uses to remove dead skin cells, specialists opined. And for hand towels, wash them once in 3 or 4 days.

Give your refrigerator a professional cleaning every month as hygienists revealed that the presence of bacteria in the salad drawers is about 750 times more than the safe level.  

Computer accessories
Do you believe that the computer keyboards hold five times the bacteria content found on a toilet seat? People often take lunch at their desk, making computer keyboards a haven for harmful micro-organisms.  The thing to worry here is that these keyboards normally get neglected during normal home cleaning routine.

Expert home cleaners in Auckland recommend that you clean the keyboard every week. Clean the mouse and the desk too along with the keyboard.

Mattress & pillows
Mattresses need to be cleaned every two months to reduce allergens in your bedroom. First clean any spills or other stains on the mattress. After the spot cleaning, add five drops of essential oil into baking soda and sprinkle it on the mattress evenly using a sifter. Let it stay there for half an hour or more to absorb odour and all traces of moisture.

Similarly, wash the pillows once in 3 months. Also remember to change the pillows at least every three years, and if you’re allergic they need to be replaced even on six months’ intervals.

Every person valuing health and hygiene in the home environment should give due importance to better cleaning practices. Professional cleaning by a reputed home cleaner in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch or Wellington will go a long way toward keeping germs and allergens at bay.

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