Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Nine House Cleaning and Maintenance Tips That’ll Make You a Smart Homemaker

Too many tasks related to household chores and not enough time? Don’t worry, you’re not alone- this is the problem faced by most of the working parents.  Whether you do it alone or divide them up among family members, home cleaning & maintenance activity is a must-do daily/weekly routine you can’t afford to postpone. Of course, there is an easy solution: you can rely upon an affordable and trustworthy home cleaning service, thereby saving valuable time and getting peace of mind.

You may have a list of favourite home cleaning and maintenance tips you put into practice. Add the following into that list – it’ll make you a great homemaker.    

Trouble removing food particles left on stainless steel pan?
Pour a few drops of vinegar on to the pan and then sprinkle a little baking soda, and watch it bubbles for a minute. Now add some hot water as required and use a scrubber to completely clean the leftover food particles with much ease.

Getting rid of pantry moths
Add whole dried bay leaves to the corners of your pantry or cupboard or add them directly to your canister of flour, rice, or other dry food to Repel Bugs in Pantry such as beetles, weevils, flies, moths, cockroaches, and ants.

Keep your benchtop spotless
Place aluminium foil (or baking paper) on your benchtop when you peel vegetables or cut the raw fish. This will safeguard the benchtop from possible stains.  Once the peeling task is over you can put the aluminium foil or the paper into the garbage. You can save time cleaning the becnhtop after use. 

Avoid bad smells while cooking 
Are you getting trouble with bad cooking smells while preparing cauliflower or cabbage?

Putting out a saucer of cotton wool soaked up in vinegar will absorb the bad odour in the kitchen. 

Keep coffee accessories next to the machine 
How do you make coffee in the morning?

After getting up in the morning, walking to the pantry to get the coffee, then taking out the grinder from a lower cabinet to grind the beans, then walking across the kitchen to add the ingredients in the coffeemaker? Don’t you think this disturbs you in the morning and is also more time consuming?

What you can do is to keep your coffee beans, the grinder, sugar, spoon and mugs in one cabinet right above the coffeemaker, or somewhere close to it.  Try it and you will feel the advantage! This can be applied to your breakfast paraphernalia and other drinks makers too.

Keeping your microwave clean and sparkling
Steam can do wonders to loosen the oil, starch and other food debris stuck on the internal walls of your microwave. Make a ball out of a damp cloth and put it in the microwave, then heat it till it emits steam. Once the steam has fully spread inside the microwave, wait for one minute and open the door. Now wipe all the stubborn stains and food particles easily.

Fridge maintenance tip
Check your fridge daily or at least on a weekly basis to ensure that it is clean. Keep food away from the back wall of the fridge. This is to avoid food particles getting absorbed by the ice dews at the back of the fridge. This contaminated ice forms mouldy water when melts and becomes unclean and smelly.

How to make your sink smell better
Clean the sink with a mixture of ice and lemons or vinegar and baking soda to avoid stinking of the sink. While cleaning the sink, ensure to scrub the underside of the rubber gasket thoroughly with a scrub brush to remove mouldy, smelly food particles left over there.

Cleaning tips for silverware
Take a large container, line it with aluminium foil and put some cooking salt inside. Fill the container with water and dip all your silverware in the water. The aluminium foil and salt will react chemically to remove all persistent dirt on the silverware giving it extra shine and sheen.

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