Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Expert Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Home in a Spick and Span Condition

With an aging society, and majority of younger generations unwilling to do DIY jobs, we have more consumers calling the professionals to do home cleaning and maintenance jobs for them.
This trend, known as Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) as against DIY, is now gaining momentum in the modern day society.

While you’re going to enjoy the autumn season, here are some tips to remember before winter sets in after three months:

Gutter cleaning:
Leaves and dirt might have got stuck in your gutters during the summer season. This will cause the blocked water to back up against the house, inflicting damage to the roof and weather protection materials. Gutters and drains, if not allowing the water to flow smoothly, can affect the functioning of the drainage system, which will lead to leaks in your home.

Avoid air leakage through windows & doors:
During winter period, it’s good to keep the entire volume of inside warm air in the house. Inspect the windows and doors to ensure that they don't have any cracks. In case of air leaks, take help from professional service providers who’ll use caulk to seal any cracks between each door frame and weather-stripping to efficiently seal the air leakage.  

Reverse the rotation of your ceiling fan:
During the winter period, you could increase the performance efficiency of the ceiling fans and save on energy bills by reversing the direction of rotation. When the fan’s rotation is reversed, it will send all the warm air near the ceiling to your living space as the warmer air naturally stays near the ceiling. This will help to ease reliance on running other home heating appliances (you can turn the thermostat down a couple degrees!).

Simple points to keep in mind while dusting, and vacuuming

When you dust your home, it’s good to start the task from one corner of the room, working top-to-bottom and back-to-front. This is to allow the dust to fall onto the floor. Similarly, while vacuuming, you can begin the task from a back corner and continue vacuuming your way out the door, using long firm strokes. And when you vacuum the carpet, remember to run the machine over each strip of the carpet only once and not twice, to save time.

Before you hire a home cleaner in New Zealand, have a thorough internet search: 
  • Check their credentials (work ethics, reliability and quality of work) by contacting their references, if possible. If you couldn’t get in touch with references, gather information by checking customer reviews about the company in Google or other independent social media sites other than their own website. 
  • Ask if the home cleaning company has experience in doing the particular cleaning task you require; if your work is being subcontracted, know in advance who can be contacted in case of any difficulties. 
  • You also need to look at the price the home cleaning companies are asking for. Never go for cheap contractors who may compromise the quality of work. 
  • Check if the house cleaners are insured, and police verified. Also peruse their guarantee terms and conditions.

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