Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy

How to avoid bathroom slips and falls 
It seems all are aware of the risk of falls in the bathroom, but time and again accidents happen, causing serious injuries. Medical reports say that 28 to 35 percent people over 65 fall each year, mainly in the bathroom. And as the age increases, the rate of falls also increases with around 40% people affected in the 70 years or older category. Interestingly, the rates of falls among women exceed those of men for all age groups.

Fall prevention:
  • Liquids on the floor can cause slips - mop up spills or splashes as and when they occur.
  • Bathroom floors become slippery when they’re not properly cleaned. Find time to do a thorough cleaning to remove all traces of oil, soap and grease from the floor and wall tiles.
  • Place slip resistant bath mat on the floor, and in the bath/shower.
  • Never use smooth vinyl floor coverings; go for non-slip material.
  • Use honed marble flooring instead of polished one.
  • Avoid alcohol misuse and wearing of inappropriate shoes.
  • Additional safety measures like grab rails and non-slip surface coating may be used. 

How to handle dampness in your home 
A damp home is an unhealthy home, there’s no doubt in that! But there is more than that - you need to spend more money as the damp air takes more energy to get heated up in the winter. Also note that moisture and dirt are the main factors which cause premature deterioration of fixtures and fittings inside the house.  

Blocked drainage and gutters, cracked or leaky downpipe, and other plumbing issues can lead to water seepage and dampness in your house. If moisture is not controlled, it’ll cause mould growth on the walls and ceiling.

Mould can cause health issues too such as asthma, lung infection, inflammation and allergy etc.

Use exhaust fans while showering, bathing, drying clothes, and cooking so that water vapours will not get accumulated indoors. If possible dry the clothes outside because drying clothes indoors creates about six litres of moisture per load.

If dampness still persists, try using a dehumidifier at places where there is more moisture and less airflow. 

Stop borer and other pests eating your home  
  • Borers can weaken the timber and affect the wooden structures of your home.
  • Watch out for small flight holes on wooden surfaces and presence of fine saw dust. These signs indicate that there are mice/rats and other woodworms grinding away your doors, furniture or other timber structures.
  • Proper wood treatment is to be applied for preventing borer attack. All untreated wooden surfaces are vulnerable to pest infesting. Application of long-term penetrating treatment with insecticide or preservative can control the borers. Make sure that the product used for pest control treatment is environment-friendly, long lasting, and not harmful to humans.
  • If you’re worried about getting an affordable and reliable pest control service in New Zealand, Select Home Cleaning Company can arrange to have it done by experts known to us in your locality.
  • The basic thing to remember is to keep your home well maintained and perfectly cleaned to avoid infestation of rodents, termites, beetles etc. Clean up the places they like to nest such as bundles of old newspapers, unclean cupboards, unattended spare rooms, basement etc. 

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