Tuesday, 13 December 2016

New Zealand Home Cleaning Statistics and Christmas Cleaning Checklist

A recent survey by Gleedon, a French website for married and unfaithful people, shows that women are more likely to cheat on men who don’t contribute to housework department from cleaning the toilet to emptying the washing machine. Some 73 % of women subscribers to Gleedon expect their men to help them doing dishes and the vacuum cleaning. They have interviewed over 10,000 women participants to reach this conclusion.

The Gleedon which has its presence in several countries further said that recent data from the UK showed white British males do 31% (and 40% by black British men) house cleaning works such as cooking, cleaning washing, and ironing. This amounts to six hours compared to 14 hours spend on home cleaning chores by women.

Earlier surveys conducted in New Zealand by consumer research company Canstar Blue  said 58% of women do all of the vacuuming in their household, compared to 41% of men. However, men are more likely to do the vacuuming when guests are coming over. In total, about 15% of New Zealanders feel bitter that their partners don’t do their share of household chores. The survey affirmed the Kiwis’ general inclination towards DIY house cleaning practice and their reluctance to hire a cleaning service.

But, the survey also clarified that the home cleaning market continued to grow through the recession and is now gaining much popularity. As our lifestyles are becoming busier & busier, more people find it hard to get sufficient time for household cleaning and related activities.

Get Organised for Christmas

Prepare a pre-Christmas, during Christmas and a post-Christmas cleaning checklist, and follow it while you do your daily cleaning works. A thorough clean before Christmas, possibly by a home cleaning service in New Zealand, is an ideal option to maintain the high degree of cleaning you require throughout the Christmas time.  This is a must as you’ll face time constraints for managing the cleaning up when you need to attend to guests and parties for the festival season.

Adhering to some basic cleaning practice will ensure that you can handle the extra dirt and germs associated with the presence of lots of children playing around. Try to clean up as soon as you notice dirty footprints, and small spills on floors, countertops etc. Also attend to sticky fingerprints on glassware in a timely manner.  
Get your oven neat and germ free for preparing your Christmas roasts, and add a magic touch of sparkling clean to your microwave too with the tips given in our previous articles on Select Home Cleaning blog articles.

The Select Cleaning Advantage

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Select Cleaning Company appoints its cleaners after an intensive selection process and security check, so you need not to worry about privacy, safety and security. 

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