Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How to Keep Your Home Fresh, Tidy and Shining Bright

Weekends are for unwinding, not for housework! You may find home cleaning a tedious task because it’s additional work after your regular job. However, cleaning is our main job and we would like to thank you for visiting our site and giving us the task.

Common Stains and Remedial Measures

Chewing gum
If the chewing gum is on the clothes, simply put it in the freezer for half an hour. After the chewing gum is frozen solid, scrape off with a dull knife. If some traces of the gum are left with, you can remove them completely by loosening with eucalyptus oil.

Ink stains
If it’s old stain, then take help from a professional dry cleaner.
Procedure for removing fresh ink stains - take some paper towels and place the stain face down on them. Apply hairspray or alcohol to back of stain, and replace paper towels as they absorb the ink. Then wash with a detergent and hot water. Remember not to dilute or sponge with water which will cause the ink to spread and set permanently.
For fountain pen stains, apply rotten milk and wash away the stain normally.

Stain caused by perspiration
If you’re faced with stubborn stains on fabric, never apply more washing detergent, in fact, it’ll backfire and sometimes the stain may get permanently trapped on the fabric.
For sweat stains, wash the cloth with soap or detergent and hot water. If the sweat is heavy and the colour of the fabric has been changed, apply a few drops of ammonia (for fresh stains) or white vinegar (if the stain is not fresh) and then apply washing detergent and launder using hot water.  

Grease stain
Apply a few drops of dishwashing liquid on the oily stain and rub it till it becomes jelly-like texture. Rinse out the cloth in cold water and you’ll see that the grease is gone.

Red wine spill
For fresh stains, repeatedly pour white vinegar through the stain area till it’s completely removed. And for older stain, rub the white vinegar over the stain area to make it loose and sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda and rinse with vinegar.

Lipstick stain
Apply dishwashing liquid and rub it on to the stain area, and once it’s soaked in, wash with cold water.

Stains on carpet
Once you notice stain on carpet, do these things first:
Use a towel to scoop up the spill as much as possible.
Don’t scrub the stain, but blot it. Apply slightly warm water on to the spot and blot again to remove maximum spill.
Now call a home cleaning specialist to remove the stain professionally without harming your costly carpet.

Why Select Home Cleaning?

Select Cleaning is New Zealand’s most trusted franchised cleaning company, giving you the advantage of owner-operators doing your home cleaning perfectly. They maintain transparency in communication between clients and cleaners. If the client is not satisfied of a work done, they guarantee to do it again with no additional cost till the client is happy.  Police verified friendly and trustworthy cleaners ensure peace of mind. They have both single and couple cleaners and service Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton.  

Some of their services include: Regular weekly or fortnightly home cleaning; A one off house cleaning service to catch up on the weekly cleaning if you missed it; Moving in/moving out clean; End of Lease cleaning; Seasonal cleaning such as spring clean, summer clean etc. 
For detailed info on their cleaning service, call SelectClean office on 0800 000 907. Check out deals and discounts for before and after-Christmas cleaning packages.

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