Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Easy Toilet Cleaning and Mould Removal Tips for Every Homeowner

There are lots of different methods to clean your toilet. Adopt the one that suits your interests and style.

Vinegar Toilet Cleaner
Take a quarter cup of white vinegar and pour it into the toilet bowl. Ensure that you are wearing gloves while doing it. Allow the vinegar to soften the stains for around 20 minutes. Then clean the toilet with a toilet brush and flush.

If you want total disinfection, then use chlorine bleach instead of vinegar. Another option is to use ¼ cup of Borax to clean the toilet. After scrubbing around the borax in the bowl, let it sit for at least half an hour before flushing.
Hard water scale on the toilet bowl can be removed using Oxalic acid. Sprinkle Oxalic acid powder or flakes into the toilet bowl. It’ll create a foam and interact with water scales and the dirt and stains around the spot. The chemistry here is that the alkaline hard water scales interact with the acid and get absorbed.  

Another Interesting Way to Clean the Toilet
You may be hearing it first time, but it’s a fact that Coca-Cola Coke can be used to clean your toilet. The mild phosphoric acid ingredient in the drink is very effective to remove hard water stains and other dirt. Pour the Coca-Cola in to the toilet bowl and let it rest there for an hour or so and then scrub with a toilet brush and flush to get a clean toilet!

Be cautious when you mix things that contain chemicals. There can be a problem with poisonous fumes! So, if you're going to mix things together for making a cleaner, ensure that it is safe. Uric acid consists of ammonia, and bleach has chlorine. When we mix them, it becomes ammonium chloride and it is toxic! So avoid pouring bleach into an unflushed toilet. We should always flush the toilet before using any of the above said tips. It’s also applicable for commercial cleaners!   

Cleaning and Decorating the Walls
The dirty walls can be cleaned with a mixture of lavender oil and water. Add five teaspoons of lavender oil into about five litres of water. Mix well and take the liquid as needed in a spray bottle and start lightly misting over the wall. Now scrub the dirt away using a pair of pantyhose.
 The walls can be decorated with the help of colourful fabric on canvases. As you know canvases are cheap, so it is an affordable method. Just cover the canvas with foam padding, and layer the fabric over the canvas and staple it down. You can get fabric off-cuts from most fabric stores; also try second-hand stores where it’ll be cheaper.

No More Worries About Slugs and Snails
Here’s a way to kill them, without creating a fuss:
Snails can be trapped by pouring beer into halved, hollowed out oranges and placing it where the snails appear. They love beer and get into the beer pool kept in the orange and eventually drown.For getting domestic bliss, and a clean, tidy and elegant house, you need to have the time, knowledge, and family support or the organisational skills. If you lack the above, then a reputed home cleaning service in New Zealand only can help you to have peace of mind.

Mould Removal
Moisture is the main cause of mould development in your house. A leaky roof, broken pipes, blocked drain, and water from a flood, all can cause excess moisture. Air drying of clothes indoors and using appliances such as stoves, washing machines and dishwashers with no exhaust systems and poor temperature control (causing condensation) are other causes of moisture generation.

Regular vacuuming and dusting can reduce mould formation because organic matter such as dust or dead skin cells promotes mould growth.
If you can reduce moisture in the house, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas, you can prevent almost 90% chances of mould occurrence. This way you can avoid the use of expensive mould removal products.
First step is to vacuum up the mould if you have a vacuum cleaner equipped with appropriate filters.  Make sure not to spread the mould spores into other areas.
Second step is to apply diluted vinegar (80% vinegar and 20% water) at the affected surfaces. Clean the area using a microfiber cloth dipped in the liquid.  Cleaning with vinegar may sometimes leave streaks on surfaces – you can remove this discolouration by cleaning the area with bleach.

The Role of Professional Home Cleaners
However, if the mould attack is severe, and you noticed it late, it’s better to call house cleaning experts for professionally removing the mould. Otherwise serious health issues can arise such as hypersensitivity or allergic reactions, and asthma and flu-like symptoms.

Same thing is applicable for bathroom and toilet cleaning also. If you don't have the time and patience to do effective toilet cleaning, it's better to hire a home cleaning service in New Zealand for hygienic reasons. 

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